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Week of May 9th – 15th


The first day of the week is highlighted by a rare event of a passage of Mercury over the Sun that is visible in North America and Europe. For the passage to occur, Earth, Mercury, and Sun have to be in the same plane at the time when Mercury and Sun are in the same exact degree of the Zodiac, and for the event to be seen in most inhabited places, there must be even more conditions met. Thus, this is quite rare coincidence that, from the point of view of astrology, highlights retrograde Mercury conjoining the Sun even more than usual. Mercury passes through the “heart” of the Sun that illuminates and brings forward all the significations of Mercury and all the mercurial qualities in our lives. This is a great time to revisit the past ideas, to re-write, re-think, re-visit, re-send, etc. This time, it can actually work out and result in tangible outcomes, because retrograde Mercury passing through the “heart” of the Sun is in an easy contact with Jupiter that just turned direct after his retrograde motion and with Pluto. Together, they are a very powerful tri-some in the sky, with Mercury conjoined to the majestic Sun and benevolent Venus, powerful and joyous Jupiter energized by the turn of his motion at the same time as Mercury conjoins the Sun, and ever so powerful God of the Underworld Pluto. All being in Earth signs, they will help manifesting our thoughts and mental work. The growing Moon provides a great support to these three planets in moving our earthly affairs. We may notice that the things started to align properly in our lives, and stalled projects started giving us signs of hope for the future positive development. With the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Taurus, the movement may be slow, but this is definitely a motion in the right direction that prepares the ground for the fast changes that will be occurring in the end of the months.


Moon in Gemini: Monday May 9th morning and early afternoon


The Gemini Moon made us very busy over the weekend, and we still may feel restless and ready to run around with the lists of things to do on this day. However, the Monday morning is not a productive time, and it would be better to take a step back and reconsider our plans before jumping head first into the new week. If possible, use the first part of Monday to sort out your plans and organize your thoughts. Start acting in the afternoon: we will get better results later if we manage to quiet down the busy mind and slow down in the morning.


Moon in Cancer: Monday May 9th afternoon – Wednesday May 11 afternoon


The sign of Cancer is the favorite Zodiac place of the Moon: the Moon fells strong, active, decisive, and understanding in this sign. If we are choosing a good time for our earthly events and actions, Moon in Cancer is often the best time to charge ahead, and especially a growing Moon that is already visible in the sky. Monday Moon in Cancer benefits women and anyone, who is trying to connect to women, fights for women’s rights, or just appreciates the energy of womanhood, the energy of a dedicated female partner, the energy of an unselfish mother, or the energy of the eternal womanly wisdom. We may see unusually large number of social media posts about women and women’s rights, or we will be just happy to connect to the women in our lives.

Tuesday is a very dynamic day, with emphasis on practical outcomes and sensitive feelings. With no planets in air signs in the sky, we may be unable to communicate our feelings right now, and this may make them even more intense and important. Hold on to your thoughts, it will be easier to express the thoughts and feelings in a couple of weeks when the Sun and, shortly after the Sun, Venus will move into the chatty Gemini. However, for this Tuesday night think practical and rely on facts and manifestations, not words, if a power struggle presents itself to you. There will be an opportunity to transform anything dark and difficult into beautiful and joyous, and your intuition and positive thinking will be the key in this process.

Wednesday will be more reflective and introspective than active and productive. This is not a great day to start new projects. It should be spent addressing past emotional issues and problems and focusing on what still matters ad what you feel dedicated to after you sort through the past feelings. The moody and private day will lead to a playful and fiery evening as the Moon will transit from Cancer into Leo in the late afternoon.


Moon in Leo: Wednesday May 11th evening – Friday May 13th


Sparkles may fly around as the playful Leo Moon connects to the sexy and brave Mars on Wednesday evening. However, we need to exercise caution, because Mars is not in his best shape right now and may express himself through his worst manifestations: anger, frustration, and physical assault. If we are not thoughtful and careful, the playful mood of the Leo Moon may quickly transform into a volatile fight, especially because the lack of the planets in the Air signs make us clumsy with our words or unable to speak at all.

On Thursday, our creative and playful mood may be at odds with the practical thoughts and decisions. Our partners or associates may be hurting our pride and crashing our creativity with their real-world decisions and reasoning, but we will have to accept the reality. Our sense of responsibility and our caring concern for others will help us handle the relationships on this day. We will choose our duties over the pleasures.

On Friday, unexpected and sudden interruptions of the day are possible. Anything important should be tackled in the morning, because the afternoon and the evening may be unproductive and frustrating.


Moon in Virgo: Saturday May 14th – Sunday May 15th


Rejoice, busy bees and workoholics: this is our favorite weekend Moon, the waxing Virgo Moon that will support our productive weekend at home or at work and will help us organize, analyze, count, and be very, very productive. This time, it will be peasant and joyous, the chores will feel like rewards, and we will be super industrious. Our thoughts will be focused on digging all the buried problems and waste, processing and organizing anything that we inherited from the past, and cleaning our ways into the future. Some of us will be doing this metaphorically, but most of us will have a chance to literally clean and throw out the material things from the past and to make our future as we see it fit our new demands. Watch out for your energy level and don’t overwork if you have evening plans: we may feel exhausted and lacking energy in the evening.

On Sunday, the energy will intensify to make the day very dynamic and focused on discarding our past dreams and hurts, whether by organizing our thoughts to meet the new and bright future, or by physically getting rid of outdated and obsolete material objects from the past. The weekend will be purifying and satisfying, we will make important progress moving from the past that we want to leave behind into the future that we plan to build.



Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of May 9th – 15th):


Monday May 9th 12:15 AM – 01:23 PM;

Wednesday May 11th 03:33 AM – 05:31 PM;

Friday May 13th 01:02 PM – Saturday May 14th 01:51 AM.



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