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Week of November 14th -20th

The week starts with a Full Super Moon in Taurus. The Moon is especially large as she has not been for more than 30 years and will not be for another more than 30 years. Although Taurus is not an aggressive or violent sign, the Full Moon triggers the point in the Zodiac that was in the path of Mars during the last months. The astrological signature of the ending year was a very strong Mars with unexpected and unusual effects, and we did see the aggressive and violent energy expressing in many ways throughout the year. Now this Martian period is coming to its end, but the Mars energy that dominated throughout the year will be evoked again, by the Full Moon on November 14th and later by the New Moon on November 29th. However, rather than feeding and expanding the aggressive influence of Mars, these triggers should put an end to the Martian energy and help us to get back to reality and hard work and to define our beliefs and limits.

Another important theme of the year was a struggle to separate reality from illusion. Again, we have seen this in our public affairs and in our private lives. The struggle was triggered by the uneasy relationship between Neptune, a planet of illusion and disillusion, and Saturn, the planet of reality and definition. This period of confusion and lack of clarity about our reality is also coming to an end, and the beginning of a direct motion of Neptune is one of the signs: Neptune will proceed forward in the Zodiac to never return to the point where it confronted Saturn. While a couple of New Moons will still trigger this astrological theme again in upcoming couple of months, it is on its way out, and, by the beginning of 2017, we should become very clear about our realities, our beliefs, and our limitations.


Moon in Taurus: Monday November 14th until later evening


The Full Moon becomes perfectly full in the morning. Although normally the Taurus Moon is the sweetest of the moons and does not cause problems, this one may be more intense than other Taurus Moons, just because the Full Moon is also a Super Moon, very close, large, and bright. This Full Taurus Moon will not make us relaxed and ready to take a bubble bath. This is a Moon of action and persistence, of a clear and practical view of the world. Take care of your bank account and make a decision about purchases if you have been delaying it, finish that project that requires persistence and patience.


Moon in Gemini: Monday November 14th late evening – Wednesday November 16th evening


Watch out for your words: they will be swift and passionate, but you may wish to take them back. Try not to put your foot in your mouth and forgive if someone else does when talking to you: it will be practically impossible not to say something that would be regretted later.

We may indulge in a fantasy in the morning or have a cryptic and unclear message. However, the day will quickly become very happy and optimistic. This will be a great day for interactions, meetings, conversations, parties, and any other activities that require a lot of talking and exchanging our thoughts and ideas. Only late at night our fun may be interrupted by a reality call, and we may be reminded that everything has limits.

Wednesday will be unproductive, I would not advise planning anything important for this day. Indulge in conversations with friends, chats with strangers, or read a book. Delay your dinner for a later time: it will be more enjoyable and tastier later in the evening.


Moon in Cancer: Wednesday November 16th late evening – Friday November 18th evening


Moon in Cancer makes us more sentimental and more emotional than we normally are. This time, the tears will be shed about our relationships and our interactions with other people. We may be looking into our past and making some decisions regarding our future, contemplating what we want to improve in our relationships with those, who matter.

On Thursday in the afternoon and in the evening, a power struggle is possible, and it may become very emotional. Watch out for any power display or play and try to avoid it by any means: the consequences may be unexpected, explosive, and much larger than anyone expects. There will be a lot of tension in the air, and it will be difficult to get out of the explosive situation.

Friday will give us a chance to consolidate our emotions and our choices, and we may cry a little more. Finish everything important by the mid-afternoon, and don’t plan anything new for the evening. This is not going to be a good evening for a date or a dinner with the friends. However, a nice dinner at home or alone may feel very nice and soothing.


Moon in Leo: Friday November 18th late night – Sunday November 20th all day


The Leo Moon will bring a passionate and creative time. It may be easier to talk and to generate the ideas than to act, but there will be a lot of fiery energy in everything we do on this weekend. Watch your words on Saturday morning and in the afternoon, don’t let your passions to make you say something you will regret later. It will be very easy to hurt someone’s feelings without meaning it and without even noticing it. For that reason I would advise to avoid important conversations and not to expect any major developments in the evening.

On Sunday, watch for fires, literal and metaphoric. There will be something to suppress, and there will something to blow up. Many of us may be up for unexpected developments, breakups or breakthrough choices.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST, the week of November 14th – 20th):


Wednesday November 16th 4:57 AM – 6:56 PM

Friday November 18th 4:02 PM – 9:14 PM

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