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Week of November 16th – 22nd


The week will be starting as a gloomy and somber time. In a wake of the tragedy in Paris, we may be feeling sad and full of fears as the somber Capricorn Moon on Monday connects to the planet of fear, terror, and underworld Pluto. There may be many explosive and combative situations this week, but I hope that my suggestions for every day will keep you from making too many mistakes and will help you to direct and to express the difficult energies in a peaceful productive manner.

However, over the week, the energy of the sky will be changing very significantly: we are starting with the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio, with the heavy and deeply emotional Scorpionic moods, but we are ending the week with both planets in optimistic and fiery Sagittarius. If we can manage to get safely through the most of the week, our moods, our thoughts, and the outlooks at our lives will be much easier and happier by the end of this week. The Moon energy will support this transition as well: we will start the week with a thin crescent visible close to the horizon and only shortly after the sunset, but we will end the week with the almost full Moon shining brightly and high from the sunset through the mid of the night.


Moon in Capricorn: Monday November 16th – Tuesday November 17th early afternoon


Moon in Capricorn may be quite somber and saddening, and these feelings are so appropriate to experience in the wake of the tragedy in Paris, the city of love and lights, to which many of us feel so connected. This time, the Moon in the sky is conjoining Pluto, the god of the underworld that is also associated with terror, fear, and power struggle. There is also uneasy connection of the Moon to Mars, the god of war. This is not a happy day, but it is a day when we can focus and try to get to the bottom of the problem. Thinking will go deep, but the answer to our question may be delayed until tomorrow, when additional information may come out or become clear. The afternoon and evening on Monday and the morning of Tuesday are not the best times to start anything new. We need to focus on anything that has been started and needs attention and resolve to be finished.


Moon in Aquarius: Tuesday November 17th late afternoon – Thursday November 19th early morning


As the Moon moves to Aquarius, the humanitarian thoughts come to our focus. On these days, we may care about others and about the Earth, and we may actually decide to do something to make the life better for everyone. Our intentions go deep, and our actions will follow. We will be tuned to receive and give out information, communications will be deep and clear, and we will not waste our words for anything fleeting and shallow. Tuesday is the day for any serious discussions, clarification of any psychological situation that has been unclear and puzzling. If you want to dig out the truth, this is the time. Cold and detached Aquarius Moon will also help us to deal with any deep emotional issues that may be uncovered: we will be able to see the others’ position and to be objective about the situation.

Wednesday will start as a pleasant day, and the morning will be perfect for intellectual tasks. If we remain in our heads, we may have exciting breakthroughs. We should not go too deep and research any emotionally charged information – this will be difficult and unpleasant. Whatever was unfinished yesterday, when the astrological weather was perfect for digging into the core of the problem, should now remain untouched.

Thursday morning may bring conflicting thoughts and the desire to research an emotional issue. It may be wise to leave it alone for now.


Moon in Pisces: Thursday November 19th – Saturday November 21st morning


It may be better to start the day earlier on Thursday: after the Moon enters into Pisces, it will be difficult to wake up and to get moving through the day. Religious and spiritual issues may be hot on the plate, and we may be reading about, hearing of, and discussing the religious problems. The religions, religious associations and structures and the issues of acceptance and inclusion may be in the news and on our tongues for a number of days, as Saturn, the planet of structure and limit travels in the sign of Sagittarius associated with the religious beliefs and makes uneasy connection to Neptune in Pisces, both the planet and the sign associated with inclusion, spirituality, and dissolution of limits and borders. We may want to turn in early, Pisces Moon in close association with Neptune in Pisces will make us super sleepy and super dreamy.

On Friday, we may be in a mood to relax and to forget about the limitations of our lives. However, we may be called to attend to details and to do specific tasks requiring alertness and precision, and this will be difficult to manage. We may be reminded about our responsibilities, and we may have to return into the reality of our everyday lives. Friday night is a very creative and intuitive time. We will feel connected to our past experiences and will be able to calculate our directions in life, as well as connect deeply to the core of our creative expression. This mood will continue through the Saturday morning, and, free of the routine of the weekdays, we may be able to capitalize on it to create our reality and to dream our future into the life.


Moon in Aries: Saturday November 21st late morning – Sunday November 22nd


Moon in Aries is energetic but also combative. The Moon is making a stand-off connection to Mars, the planet of war and assertion, and we need to be very careful in choosing our words on these days. In addition to the difficult connection between the Moon in Aries and Mars, both also connect to Mercury, the planet of speech and communication, that just moved into Sagittarius, the sign that expands and exaggerates everything it touches. This creates a situation of “foot in mouth” disease, and, combined with the assertive and quick energy of Aries Moon and Mars, may lead to blowups and fights. Try to keep your mouth shut and avoid any confrontations. Going to a gym or doing anything physically involved around the house will give this energy a healthy outlet. Watch out for unexpected and explosive outbursts and try not to hurt your relationships too much.

The Sun moves to the sign of Sagittarius on Sunday in the early afternoon. This may brighten our outlook at the life. In concert with the fiery Aries Moon, it will also create very passionate and freedom-loving mood.

If planning anything new or important on Sunday, start early and finish or at least develop the project in the first part of the day – the afternoon and evening will not be the best time to achieve much.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST, week of November 16th – 22nd):


Monday November 16th 3:52 PM – Tuesday November 17th 2:24 AM

Sunday November 22nd 2:15 PM – end of day

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