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This week, the Sun will enter the ever-happy and optimistic sign of Sagittarius. We should feel the difference in our outlook and behavior right away, starting the evening of Monday November 21st. The move of the Sun from Scorpio to Sagittarius will create a very big change in out lives: from being suspicious and reserved to being trustful and optimistic, from acting like a loner to going out in the world and connecting to others, from holding our thoughts and words inside to sharing ideas with other people. Sagittarius is a happy passionate sign that makes us focus on positive sides of life and always look at the bright side. We are entering the season of holidays, parties, and we are leaving behind most of our worries and problems for the upcoming month or so.

The Moon is waning, starting in the beginning of the week as a half-moon and becoming Balsamic Moon later in the week in preparation for the new Lunar cycle starting on November 29th. Similarly, many of us are winding down our work projects and other activities of the year and starting our preparations for the New Year. This week is good for thinking about the last year, understanding what our achievements and losses are, and developing a plan on moving on to new goals and adventures.


Moon in Virgo: Monday November 21st – Wednesday November 23 early afternoon


The Virgo Moon may be very welcome on this Monday of a short week leading into the holiday season. The Virgo Moon will support our work on everything that has to be finalized, finished, analyzed, and produced before the upcoming holidays. These three days are our only chance this week to be very productive, to achieve unachievable, and to prepare for the long weekend and the season of holidays, celebrations, and parties.

Monday is a very practical day, with activities aimed to improve our future, to realize our dreams and goals, and to make our life sweeter in every way. This will be a busy day with no time for daydreaming, sleeping in, or going to bed early.

The mood will continue into Tuesday, but there will be no time or inclination to think about immaterial things: the need to take control for our immediate material life will be too strong. There will be no time to resurrect the old wounds or to discuss the troubles and limitations. We will be too consumed by the practical necessities. However, everything important has to be finished by the early afternoon: the rest of the day and the most of Wednesday will be unproductive and may become frustrating if we try to start something new or important util Wednesday late afternoon.


Moon in Libra: Wednesday November 23 late afternoon – Friday November 25th


The busy and hectic mood created by the Virgo Moon in a couple of previous days will give a way to a clear mind and a balance between our emotions and our desires and choices. The world around us will slow down, and we may find a harmony in our lives. However, Wednesday and Thursday do not have to be quiet passive days. The Moon will support decisive and fast actions, and, if we act with peaceful intentions, we can expect a positive and joyful outcome. On Thanksgiving Day, the energy is positive and optimistic. Interactions with other people can be constructive, and we should be able to avoid power games and display if we set our intentions to do so. Passions will be contained, and unpleasant words either will not be said or will not be heard. Our feelings friendly, collected, and contained, and family gathering will remain classy despite any disagreements that were interfering with peaceful interactions lately.

Unexpected developments and events may disturb our peace on Friday early in the morning, but the rest of the day will be uneventful, and, if we stay in bed a little longer, we may avoid any disturbing news and actions all together. Friday will be very unproductive and will not result in any tangible outcomes. If you are set on shopping on the Black Friday, you probably will have to make quite a few returns, or worse, you will buy some stuff that will not be used and that you will not be able to return.


Moon in Scorpio: Saturday November 26th – Sunday November 27th all day


Scorpio Moon is emotional, but the Scorpio emotions are not always expressed. The Moon on Saturday goes deep into our past, digging out past wounds and disappointments. We will want to discuss our feelings, but this may not be a good idea on this day: we may say something that we would sorely regret later. It would be more productive to sink deep into our dreams and remain silent about anything that overwhelms us.

On Sunday, there is a chance for us to reclaim our power and use it for the good of our relationship(s) with others. Everything important and new should be started in the morning and early afternoon; the rest of the day will be better spent dealing with the unfinished projects or just relaxing with an old movie.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, the week of November 21st – 27th):


Tuesday November 22nd 1:43 PM – Wednesday November 23rd 1:41 PM

Friday November 25th 7:52 AM – Saturday November 26th 2:01 AM

Sunday November 27th 3:47 PM – end of day

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