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Week of November 23rd – 29th


The Full Moon brightly illuminates the night and reveals everything that might have been hidden before. It makes visible and clear every flaw and every mystery usually hidden in the dark. Similarly, it illuminates and reveals challenges and things that need adjustment in our lives.

This is the week of the Full Moon that will occur on Wednesday November 25th at 5:44 EST in Gemini. Gemini is a sign of communication, curiosity, youth, youthful energy, learning and trying, and traveling through the space and the time (remember the little wings on the feet of Mercury/Hermes that propelled him through this world and through the underworld?).

Every degree of every Zodiac sign has an image associated with it, so-called Sabian symbols, astrological symbols developed by an astrologer Marc Edmund Jones and a psychic and medium Elsie Wheeler. Sabian symbols are single phrases associated with each degree of the Zodiac that provide a powerful set of images to connect with the collective unconscious and to interpret the astrological events in each Zodiacal degree with the spiritual depth and connection. The Full Moon falls in the same degree of the Zodiac every 19 years, repeating the so-called Metonic cycle determined by the coinciding of the Lunar and Solar cycle every 19 years.

This month, the Full Moon will occur in the 3rd degree of the Zodiac, and the Sun will be in the 3rd degree of Sagittarius.

Sabian symbols for the degree of the Full Moon (3rd degree of Gemini) and the degree of the Sun (3rd degree of Sagittarius) both take us to the beginning of our lives, to our childhoods:

Moon: “Holly and Mistletoe reawaken old memories of Christmas”

Sun: “A Little Child Learning To Walk With The Encouragement Of His Parents”

From the two vivid images, it is clear that this Full Moon will illuminate the challenges we face today trying to connect to our beginnings, to remember and bring out our inner child, to feel and to be like a child. This is where the focus of our meditations and exploration should be this week.

The astrological weather does not promise a productive week. It may be the best to wrap up any outstanding matters and enjoy the holiday time with your friends and family without worrying about anything that can’t be done now.


Moon in Aries: Monday November 23rd morning


The Aries Moon gives us a lot of energy and desire to charge ahead, but this morning is not the best time to start anything new. The best way to use the energy is to wrap up something that has been already in progress or just spend this morning in the gym providing the outlet for all the energy that we feel this morning. The energy of the day will drastically change around the noon, when we get our persistent resolve and patience back.


Moon in Taurus: Monday November 23rd late morning – Wednesday November 25th early afternoon


The Taurus energy is the energy of patience, perseverance, slow motion, and luxury.  On Monday in the afternoon, the Taurus Moon will make us rather relaxed and looking for luxurious rest or for day-dreaming. This mood will grow on Thursday, but we will start seeking practical outcomes and the real life ways to manifest our desires. However, we may be too lazy and too relaxed to push trough. On Wednesday morning, as we approach the Full Moon, we may start clearly seeing some challenges, areas of life that need to be modified, and our life direction in the quest for our truth may become illuminated.


Moon in Gemini: Wednesday November 25th afternoon – Friday November 27th early afternoon


Full Moon in Gemini will shed light on our situation with siblings and other family members of our generation. If someone has an issue with neighbors, this may become clearly seen with this Full Moon. Writers with writers’ block will realize what was blocking them and where the story should go. Anything associated with communication, interactions with other people, and documents will come into the focus and will become clear. Use the energy and clarity of the Full Moon to set intentions of clarity for the next month (until the next Full Moon), for the next year (the next Full Moon in Gemini will be in December 2016), and for the next 19 years (the next Full Moon in the same degree of the Zodiac and Gemini will occur in 2034). This Full Moon will clarify the directions of our lives and stress the action in making it happen for ourselves, planting, growing and harvesting our own seeds and actions, especially anything that is representing the cores of our beings, our creativity and our personality. This Full Moon has a lot to do with our connection to our inner child, to our childhood and memories, our ability to incorporate the lessons and memories of the early childhood into our live now. On Wednesday and Thursday we are on our quest for truth, and we want to discuss it or write about it. We also may hear a lot about religions and religious issues on social media and in the news.

On Thursday night, we will feel chatty and crave conversation, and we will need someone close, someone we love, to hear us. We may have some unconventional views or ideas to discuss.

Friday morning may be a good time for standing meetings, but any new endeavors or discussions of plans should be delayed until another time.


Moon in Cancer: Friday November 27th late afternoon – Sunday November 29th early evening


The Cancer Moon creates a great weather for enjoying the family life and the home environment. However, Friday night may be all time we have to enjoy the home peace. On Saturday, it may be still all about your home and family, but it may not be peaceful or enjoyable. There may be disagreements, passive aggressive behavior, and power play and display on the menu for Saturday. A good way to escape the unpleasant situations is to retreat into your dreams, or watch a movie, or meditate, or take out old pictures to see your family happy and smiling.

Sunday promises to be a more peaceful and pleasant day, but don’t plan starting anything new, even if you have enough energy and drive. It just won’t go right and will not be finished, unless you start the project in the late evening after the Moon leaves the sign of Cancer.


Moon in Leo: Sunday November 29th evening


The Leo Moon brings a playful, warm, and creative atmosphere. On this evening, it will be especially heart-warming and creative. This is the time to let your personality shine and to go after everything with passion, openness, and optimism.



Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST, week of November 23rd - 29th):


Monday November 23rd until 11:25 AM

Tuesday November 24th 8:25 PM – Wednesday November 25th 12:15 PM

Thursday November 26th 10:35 PM – Friday November 27th 2:26 PM

Sunday November 29th 7:45 AM – 7:47 PM

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