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Week of November 28th – December 4th   


The New Moon on Tuesday November 29th will occur early in the morning in the sign of Sagittarius. This New Moon stands out, as it will set off a series of reminders of the events that we all have been experiencing throughout 2016. The year was very Martian: Mars was a dominant planet with a lot of energy and influence in our collective life and in private lives. We all went through battles, aggressive behavior, and a number of violent events in the last year. This month, we will get a reminder of Martian energy. Although it will not be as powerful and devastating as the energy of Mars, the New Moon will make sure we don’t yet forget all the struggles of the year.

Another astrological theme that dominated the year was the struggle between reality and fantasy, deception and truth, clarity and ambiguity, transparency and cover-ups. We also faced the sudden effects of Uranus, resulting in rapid changes of situations and unexpected outcomes. As we all experienced these energies collectively, many of us (yours truly included) saw them change our private lives. These energies will be triggered and awakened again by this New Moon; watch for reminders in your personal lives and in the world around you in the next 28 days. As 2016 fades away, it will feel like we just can’t let it go and keep returning back to things that are already in the past. This astrological influence will continue until the spring, when we finally will be ready to move on and turn our attention to new problems and goals that will be driven by the celestial energies of 2017.


Moon in Scorpio: Monday November 28th till late afternoon


Monday will be a lazy day, and this will be not because of the holidays behind us. This will be one of the days when it is not recommended to start new projects or to schedule anything important, at least until the late afternoon. If at work, dedicate the day to planning and reflecting on the plans and new beginnings.

The day will pick up speed as soon as the Moon moves to Sagittarius in the late afternoon. We are still in the Balsamic Moon phase preceding the New Moon that will activate the new celestial energies and start the new cycle for the next month and the next year until December 2017. For now, there is still time to make new plans and resolutions for the upcoming month. If planning for the year, make plans related to long-distance travel; exploration of new territories, both literally and metaphorically; education and teaching; religion and philosophy; and seeking the truth.

The Sagittarius Moon on Monday calls for uncovering the truth, ending deception, and doing this not in a nice civilized way. There is a lot of passion and fire in the air. The Moon calls for defining your truth and your beliefs ad committing to them.

The New Moon on Tuesday morning will set of a month when the events of the year may come back and haunt us. This is the time to commit to our reality, to look back and clearly see where we were deceived or fantasized too much and created a dream that is not consistent with our real life and beliefs. Although bittersweet, this is also a time of optimistic outlook at the future: the past is gone, and this is the first day of the rest of your life.

The new Lunar cycle starts passionately and boldly. Wednesday may bring all kinds of unexpected events and developments. Expect the unexpected. Watch out what you are saying: these days, you may say too much and regret about it later. If you need to have important conversations, wait several days, don’t start it this week: the words fly out of our mouths swiftly and passionately, without filtering.


Moon in Capricorn: Thursday December 1st – Saturday December 3rd afternoon


The serious Capricorn Moon will stress the opportunities to take care of the future and to do it in a very practical, efficient, and responsible way. It will also push us to do deep analysis of practical situations. The end of the week will be good for making purchases, for example, presents for the upcoming holidays, with an exception of Saturday morning and early afternoon, when any purchases and important meetings are not recommended. Shopping on Thursday and Friday will be rewarding and responsible, and we will only go for things of value and lasting beauty or purpose. Surprises and unexpected blows are possible on Friday and Saturday, but we will have a lot of resilience and will be able to handle practically anything that comes our way.

Don’t plan anything new or important for Saturday, dedicate the morning and the early afternoon to finishing a home project or a work project. The evening will be great for interacting with friends, whether in person or in the virtual reality, although most of us may choose to meet on the social media rather than in real world.


Moon in Aquarius: Saturday December 3rd late afternoon – Sunday December 4th all day.


Aquarius Moon is a social and interactive Moon that supports intellectual pursuits and humanitarian causes. On Saturday evening, however, we may break our routines and do something unusual. If it is a habit to go out with friends, we may stay at home and connect to someone new on social media. If Saturday evenings are normally dedicated to a hobby or exercise, we may suddenly decide to skip the routine and go out with friends… The energy of looking for adventure and acting unexpectedly is amplified on this evening, and it may take us where we have not dared to go in the past.

Sunday is a great day for exploration, whether we are exploring new fields of knowledge, our limits, or our creativity. We will have a curious mind and a desire to break free from our normal circle of activities. Staying with our routines just is not an option.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST, week of November 28th – December 4th):


Monday November 28th until 2:45 PM

Wednesday November 30th 10:07 PM – Thursday December 1st 2:52 AM

Saturday December 3rd 4:16 AM – 1:43 PM

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