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Week of November 30th  – December 6th 


The Moon is waning, decreasing in light in size, but she will be still visible in the sky late at night and in the morning. After a long holiday weekend, we may be happy to wind down and get quiet and introspective, and finish some of the tasks that were abandoned to celebrate with our families. The nest New Moon will be on December 11th, and this will be the right time to set our intentions for the New Year and for the month of December and all celebrations we may have during this time. Later, the Moon will pick up light and pace, and we may feel overwhelmed and too busy and emotional under the Full Moon on December 25th in Cancer. My advice is to do the thinking, planning, and resolutions way ahead while you have time.

The most important astrological event of this week is the move of the goddess of love into the sign of Scorpio. Venus represents love, relationships, our ability to understand and appreciate others, and our possessions. Scorpio is the sign of passion, control, and possessiveness. It is also the sign of depth and intuition. Under Venus in Scorpio, we may feel especially possessive about our partners or in other areas of our lives affected by this planet. Interactions may become very intense, it may be very difficult to let go of things and people, and we may develop super acute intuition when it comes to relationships or our money. The goal is to try to be passionate and go deep without trying to control and manipulate people and situations. Scorpio may give us a great insight into situations, but it can also create a lot of damage if the energy is not properly channeled.


Moon in Leo: Monday November 30th – Tuesday December 1st


The playful Leo Moon may suggest fun and romance, but we will be called to take care of our responsibilities and to turn our attention to the people who need us and who we are expected to protect and take care of. We should feel happy to oblige, even of distracting from our fun activities, the obligations will feel natural and easy to accept. If someone or yourself is suddenly passive aggressive, turn it into a fun game and a heart warming joke to avoid stand off.

Too much may be said on Tuesday. Try to be open to what you hear, and take it to your heart: even if unexpected and shocking, it may be true. On this day, we will feel compelled to speak up. Watch your mouth if this is not what you would like to happen: a word is not a bird; you can’t catch it. However, if this is your intention to tell someone all you think about the situation or a person, you will have courage and passion to speak up. Don’t delay conversation until the late evening: it will not have any effect. If need to speak, do it early.


Moon in Virgo: Wednesday December 2nd – Friday December 4th afternoon


The Virgo Moon will wake us up, distract from our daydreaming, and make us focus on our responsibilities and act. We will feel on fire and passionately jumping into the task in hand. As always, Virgo Moon is a perfect time to organize the house or papers, to do anything related to numbers, to clean, and to attend to our health needs. On Thursday, we may become obsessive-compulsive: our need to be organized and well prepared for every occasion will grow out of proportions. This may include long-term plans as well as daily routines. If feel overwhelmed, discuss your plans with someone: you may hear a very honest and helpful opinion.

Friday may be frustrating: we will have a lot of desire to improve and organize our lives, but no opportunity to do so. This day may the best for planning for the future rather than trying to accomplish anything in the present.


Moon in Libra: Friday December 4th evening – Sunday December 6th


Just in time for the weekend, the Moon enters Libra by the Friday evening.  All the stress and business of the last couple of days calm down, and a peaceful and harmonious mood sets in. Although Libra Moon is always a great time to attend a formal party or to have a dinner with friends at your home, this evening and Saturday will be also great to stay away from people and to find our inner balance and peace. It may be a bit more difficult than usually to connect to others, even though the Libra Moon will call for connection.

On Saturday and Sunday, power struggles may unexpectedly arise, and we may become passive aggressive. This is another reason to focus on our inner balance and harmony rather than trying to connect to others under this influence. Sunday afternoon and evening are perfect for meditation and spiritual work to achieve balance and peace. Late evening should be dedicated to rest and relaxation.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST, week of November 30th – December 6th):


Tuesday December 1st 10:09 PM – Wednesday December 2nd 5:09 AM

Thursday December 3rd 11:59 PM – Friday December 4th 5:33 PM

Sunday December 6th 9:02 PM – end of day 

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