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Week of November 7th – 13th  


The whole year of 2016 we all experienced a strong influence of Mars on our lives. Mars was the central planet this year, and we could observe his energy throughout the year in violent events that swept through the country and the world, in aggressive political battles, in exits out and separations from the status quo situations and established structures. Each of us experienced the energy of Mars in our private lives in areas that were affected by the strong Mars influence, depending on our birth horoscopes. Now Mars is finally becoming weaker and more subdued, and we all will feel less aggressive Martian energy, but also less drive, less physical energy, and less passion in our lives.

Venus takes over and is becoming stronger and more unpredictable, but also luckier and more serious. We all will see the influence of Venus in our desire to stabilize our relationships and finding unusual and unexpected ways to relate to others.

The move of Mercury from Scorpio to Sagittarius will make our thought and ideas more clear, worldly, and passionate, and the words will start flowing and expanding in a way we did not experience for several weeks. This will bring a relief and a feeling of freedom of expression.

All these change promise a pleasant and enjoyable week, and the growth of the Moon that will become almost full by the end of the week will support the new more peaceful and more interactive energy. Don’t miss the show of the super Moon in the sky – she has not been that large in more than 30 years, and she will not be again in the next more than 30 years!


Moon in Aquarius: Monday November 7th – Tuesday November 8th afternoon


Monday could be quite productive and will bring a number of conversations, interactions, meetings, and serious discussions. This is a good time to discuss how to expand a business, how to structure and organize a project or how to make thoughtful choices. These will be discussions and interactions that will actually lead to actions and results, and the conversation will be pleasant and respectful. The focus will be on intellectual assignments and group interactions, but the evening is also good for a date or conversations with our significant others. It will be a “feeling good” interaction, even if the topic becomes too deep and too difficult.

On Tuesday, everything important will happen either early in the morning or in the late afternoon and evening. This is the Election Day that we have been anticipating for such a long time. If you want your vote to count, get up very early and vote early before work or wait until later in the day and vote in the evening. The late morning and the afternoon will be unproductive, and it is not recommended to start anything important, to schedule meetings that you want to result in positive outcomes, or to subject yourself to medical procedures that are expected to change your situation. Finish what you have started earlier or just relax if you can afford.


Moon in Pisces: Tuesday November 8th evening – Thursday November 10th evening


It may be difficult to stay up to see the result of the election even if we are committed to waiting late. The Pisces Moon is joining Neptune, the planet of sleep and dreams, and the evening may feel too relaxing to care about anything and to stay interested in the events. This is not a great evening for any interactions or conversations; we may want to just be left alone and to go to bed earlier.

We may feel still sleepy and exhausted in the morning of Wednesday, and we may be disappointed or disillusioned or, on the contrary, being under an illusion regarding our past and future. This is a tricky morning when nothing may seem real or the reality may be misconstrued or foggy. By the afternoon or in the evening, our choices and our reality will become clearer, but discussions may be still difficult, we may still feel very sensitive and private.

Thursday is a difficult day for relationships and interaction with others: everyone will feel very sensitive and very protective of their secrets. It will be easy to start talking about very private and deeply personal matters, but it will be difficult to get through such conversation without being hurt or hurting others. I would advise to either avoid sensitive topics or to wait until the evening if it is necessary to discuss them.


Moon in Aries: Thursday November 10th late evening – Saturday November 12th evening


The Moon move to Aries late at night on Thursday, and she will bring a restless electric energy, the desire to stay up and be active, and may be even a sleepless night.

We may feel very active but somewhat combative on Friday. The questions of fairness, equality, and protection of what is ours may result in fights and sudden outbursts. The energy of the day is fiery and passionate. It will be important to force yourself to see the other side’s view and consider others’ interests to restore fairness and peace.

Saturday will be more peaceful, but we may be not inclined to interact with others. This will be a good day to do any physical work alone, go for a lonely run, or work out in a gym without a company. The late evening will bring relaxation and enjoyment of simple pleasures, as well as the desire to connect to our partners and to indulge into a pleasure of a good company. These will be enjoyable and grounding couple of hours.


Moon in Taurus: Saturday November 12th late evening – Sunday November 13th all day


Sunday will be a great day to enjoy music or performing arts, as well as a gallery or an art exhibition. Another way to capture an enjoyment that Taurus Moon promises to our body and soul would be a long meditation or a trip to the movies. Whatever we do, it is important to remember that Sunday is a day for ourselves, and our pleasure and enjoyment are necessary to keep us going. This is not a day for chores and work; do whatever pleases you, and you will be rewarded by more stamina and grounding that will help you to move on with your life the next day. Reclaim your power and your right to take care of yourself on this Sunday – they are the keys for dealing with the past and moving on to the future with perseverance and stability that Taurus Moon brings.



Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST, week of November 7th – 13th):


Tuesday November 8th 7:54 AM – 3:45 PM

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