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Week of November 9th – 15th


As the Lunar cycle winds down and Luna prepares to pass between the Sun and the Earth, we will get a chance to reflect about our intentions for the new Lunar month. The week will start with the Moon in Libra, the intellectual sign of harmony and peace seeking, and the astrological weather on this day will not favor any activity: we will not accomplish a even if we try very hard. This will be a perfect day to reflect and to discuss our plans and intentions for the New Moon that will occur on Wednesday November 11th at 12:48 PM EST in the sign of Scorpio. The best time for setting intentions and meditating on the New Lunar month would be Monday before the Moon enters the sign of Scorpio in the late evening. The fair and brainy Libra will allow us to consider the facts objectively, while the passionate Scorpio Moon may be too influenced by our emotions.

The New Moon in Scorpio will be intense and emotional. It may include some power play or feeling powerless, as well as dwelling on details and magnifying the little things or underestimating big problems. Scorpio is the sign of passions and intensity, it is also the sign of privacy and hiding. Unfortunately, this time Mercury, the planet of thoughts, words, and communications, will join the Moon and the Sun in the sign of Scorpio making it difficult for us to express and communicate our deep and strong emotions. We may find ourselves unable to come out of our bunker to share our wounds, anxieties, and fears with others. If you find yourself in this position, try to relinquish your powers and to become vulnerable as much as you can and evoke your optimism and joy of living to help you through this powerful emotional time. Try to focus on a big picture and be very practical about it, but do acknowledge your feelings.



Moon in Libra: Monday November 9th until the late evening


This Monday is not the best workweek starter. We may feel electrified and restless, but there will be little or no movement in our affairs, and we will be unable to push anything through. While the Moon is still in Libra until later tonight, it seems like a great time to reflect and to consider the plans for the next months and our intentions. In preparation for Wednesday New Moon, we can decide what we need to meditate on and what we need to change or develop in our lives: this is our monthly chance to set our intentions. For the new Moon in Scorpio, we may want to think about resetting our emotional cycle, whether this is a one-month, a year, or a 19-years cycle that we can identify. With the Scorpio New Moon, our intentions may relate to issues of privacy, of protecting ourselves, of reclaiming our power, of surrendering the powers to stop the power struggles, of letting go, of transforming our emotional life, and of recovering and resurrecting from the painful experiences.

Despite the fact that the Moon is still in social Air sign of Libra, she does not connect to other planets on this day. Contemplating our next steps may be best done alone without sharing, and our decisions are best made without outside help.


Moon in Scorpio: Monday November 9th late night – Thursday November 12th morning


The Moon is now invisible, supporting the Scorpio theme of staying out of the limelight. These couple of days, emotions may be overwhelming and as large as the ocean itself. It will be difficult to control our emotions and passions or to express them. If overwhelmed, remind yourself that the astrological weather is constantly changing, and the optimistic Sagittarius Moon is only a couple of days away.

On Wednesday, try to avoid power struggles and don’t exaggerate the minute details and flaws. If you manage to stay very practical and collected and to discern important from not so important, you may be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The New Moon will occur on Wednesday November 11th at 12:48 PM EST in the sign of Scorpio. Set your intentions, make your plans for the month, for a year, and for the next 19 years, especially of they relate to your desire for transformation, to your need to let go of past experiences and habits, and to your target to commit to your passions.


Moon in Sagittarius: Thursday November 12th late morning – Sunday November 14th early evening


Sagittarius Moon may be a welcome change after the intensity of the Scorpio Moon. We may feel immediately more optimistic, more certain about our beliefs and our truths, and free of our fears.

On Thursday, we may be testing our limits and considering overcoming our limitations to accommodate our desires and to reach a balance in our lives and relationships. By the evening, we may be ready to act on these thoughts.

As always, Sagittarius Moon is great for any continuing education pursuits or any activities expanding our horizons or for religious gatherings and reading. On this day, these activities may lead to a breakthrough in our views on the world and our place in the Universe. In any case, the process will be creative and productive.

Don’t plan much for Saturday: this will not be a day to accomplish much or to expect great outcomes. If possible, spend the day with people who share your views and beliefs.


Moon in Capricorn: Sunday November 15th evening


Capricorn Moon makes us take care of business and to be matter-of-factly. The day may start with tension around a relationship and future directions. Don’t be a perfectionist, try to relax and accept. This may be easier to do later in the day when the Moon connects to Neptune, the planet of acceptance that pushes us to feel the unity with all beings, and with Pluto, the planet of letting go and getting rid of anything that prevents our moving forward.



Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST, week of November 9th - 15th):


Monday November 9th until 11:02 PM

Friday November 13th 10:18 PM – Saturday November 14th 7:21 PM

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