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Week of October 10th - 16th 


The week of the Full Moon starts uneventfully with the Moon in social, unemotional equalizer Aquarius. Despite the detached nature of Aquarius Moon, there is a lot of emphasis on relationships and power struggles. If this describes your situation in the beginning of the week, try to resolve any conflicts before Wednesday, under Aquarius Moon that will help you to communicate remain objective: after the Moon moves to emotional Pisces and then to fiery Aries, it may be difficult to remain calm.

The Full Moon in Aries also stresses relationships and urges us to define our standing in interactions of two people, our focus, and our balance between our own needs and a compromise.


Moon in Aquarius: Monday October 10th – Wednesday October 12th early morning


Monday will be perfect for communications and conversations. The happy optimistic mood will carry over into everything we are doing on this day, including any discussions, even if they are difficult ones. The evening is good for socializing or for any intellectual pursuits, including classes and distant learning.

Tuesday, although still a great day for interactions with friends and groups, may bring some difficult moments in our interactions, as well as fast, unexpected development. However, we should be able to express our choices and preferences clearly and, with a little effort, to remain happy in difficult situations.

In the evening, don’t focus on jealousy. It will be easy to move on from dark feelings under the easy and airy Aquarius Moon.

Don’t plan anything important for the Tuesday evening, and don’t try to start early in the morning of Wednesday: we will be more productive and successful if we have a late start on this day.

Moon in Pisces: Wednesday October 12th morning – Friday October 14th morning


The Pisces Moon connecting to the planet of sleep and dreams Neptune in the sign of Pisces may make us sleepy and dreamy on Wednesday morning and for the most of the day. We may be slow, lazy, but also very sensitive and emotional. In the emotional atmosphere of the day, it may be easy to act unexpectedly, overreact, and make choices that are not typical for us. The ghosts from the past may be haunting us and distracting from our present and from calculated and reasonable actions and choices. The call to explore the limits and to give up on responsibilities may be too strong, and many may choose to break free from a situation that is not satisfactory.

Thursday and Friday morning will have less conflict and tension, and, with an effort, we may find the resolve and freedom to act on our choices.

Delay the start of your business day on Friday: you will accomplish more if you start in the late morning, and your endeavor may be more successful. Reserve the morning for finishing old projects and don’t start anything new.


Moon in Aries: Friday October 14th late morning – Sunday October 16th morning


The desire to break through or to break out is still strong, and the independent Aries Moon may force us to act impulsively. Try to express the high energy of the day through a workout or any physical exercise and work, because, if we do try to break out, the consequences will be huge, way beyond we expect. Words may be ruthless and harsh, and we may say much more than we ever planned to. There may be coldness in exchanges and words that is difficult to overcome. If you feel that a situation becomes explosive, retreat, withdraw, and avoid the outburst no matter how badly you are manipulated into an exchange.

Saturday may be full of unexpected exchanges and problems and a busy day overall. The energy will be running high and electric, and it may be difficult to relax or rest.


Moon in Taurus: Sunday October 16th late morning – end of day


If you are planning anything for Saturday, start late. Spend the morning doing nothing or anything of a lesser importance. The Taurus Moon is not connecting to any planets on this day and does not want us to have too many interactions with people and life outside our safe place. This will be a perfect day to pamper yourself, sleep in, indulge in delicacies at the brunch, to take a long luxurious bath in the middle of the day, and spend the rest of the day walking around in a comfortable fancy bath robe. If you feel that the high energy of the last couple of days got to you and that you can afford to retreat from the world and take care of your body and mind, go for it: you will not regret, and you will feel that it all is perfectly justified. 


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, the week of October 10th – 16th):


Monday October 10th until 2:32 AM;

Tuesday October 11th 7:48 PM – Wednesday October 12th 8:42 AM;

Friday October 14th 3:13 AM – 11:08 AM;

Sunday October 16th 12:23 AM – 11:04 AM.

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