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WEEK OF OCTOBER 17th – 23rd


After an electrifying and restless Full Moon on Sunday that illuminated and brought out unexpected and disrupting information and events, we may feel blessed to have a somewhat benign and quieter week. With the close approach of Mars and Pluto in the sky, we will feel some anger or action brewing deep inside; we may fell like we are sitting on an atomic bomb. However, the energy should be well contained beneath the surface and it unlikely to explode if we use restraint and remain collected. The move of Venus from Scorpio into Sagittarius on Tuesday should make our relationships lighter and more open, also more enjoyable and less dramatic, at least until the Sun moves into Scorpio by the end of the upcoming week. While the Sun is still in Libra, Venus is in Sagittarius, and the Moon is in sweet signs of Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, and Leo, the mood should be light and happy for the most of the week, starting with Tuesday and throughout the Sunday afternoon.


Moon in Taurus: Monday October 17th – Tuesday October 18th early morning


On Monday, we may be suppressing strong desire to act or a strong hidden anger that is trying to come out to the surface. The willful and persistent Taurus Moon will help us to contain the feeling and to bring the information out in a practical and reasonable manner. We are dealing with our future here, but the solid and earthy Taurus Moon already took charge and responsibility for keeping the issue under the covers. Otherwise, Monday is a sweet, enjoyable, and calm day that will not result in major breakthroughs and achievements. Don’t start anything new and important on Monday (unless it is early in the morning) or on Tuesday in the morning. You will do more on Tuesday if you begin your day later.


Moon in Gemini: Tuesday October 18th late morning – Thursday October 20th morning


On Tuesday and Wednesday, it will be easy to communicate with others: we will understand their position even when in conflict, and they will clearly see our point. Our words can move mountains on these days; there will be a lot of potential for growth in anything that is said and heard on these days.

Tuesday is a truly great and happy day, good for communications, relationships, meetings, education, and quite truly for anything. Use the happy optimistic and expansive energy of these two days to do the most important tasks of the week. Whatever said and started on Tuesday can be set in stone on Wednesday, and long-term commitments and resolutions could be made.

The Moon on Thursday morning does not support an early start. Take your time of you can, check out the news, your social media, write a couple of emails before you jump into your daily work routines. The later we start on this morning, the better will be the outcomes of our efforts.


Moon in Cancer: Thursday October 20th afternoon – Saturday October 22nd early afternoon


The Cancer Moon often creates a moody and emotional state of mind. This time, it can be multiplied by hundred. Even worse, the moodiness and emotional outbursts on Thursday could be based on illusions, fantasies, and confusions. This may become even worse by Friday, when the power games and anger will be a problem. As the day proceed, the drama may subside, but it still will be very difficult to discuss the situations or to apologize or receive an apology. Friday is an action-packed day when many projects could be moved forward or initiated, but it is not that great for interactions and outing with friends after work. If planning to throw or attend a party or to meet a friend or a date for a drink or a meal, make your plans for Saturday and finish any work that requires fast reactions and quick developments on Friday.

On Saturday morning, there will be a strong drive to renew something that did not get much attention recently. For many people, the day may start early and on a high note, with a lot of energy and resolve. If you plan to change someone’s opinion about anything and are not afraid to cause an argument and to lead a difficult conversation, this is a great day to speak out. Whatever your busy plans for Saturday are, start early and finish by mid-afternoon, because Saturday evening and Sunday will be the times to play and enjoy life, not to do the dirty work and to make a strong effort.


Moon in Leo: Saturday October 22nd late afternoon – Sunday October 23rd


With the playful and fiery Moon in Leo making easy connections to the happiest and the most favorable planets, Venus and Jupiter, the Saturday evening and Sunday are bound to be delightful and optimistic. It will be a great evening for a passionate romance or for an enjoyable time with friends. If you planned to expand your circle and to meet new people or potential partners, this is the time to make an effort: in the worst-case scenario, you will have a lot of fun.

On Sunday, responsibilities may take out life over, but they will be pleasant and easy calls of duty, even of they interrupt our playful mood.



Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, the week of October 17th – 23rd):

Monday October 17th 10:46 AM – Tuesday October 18th 10:29 AM;

Thursday October 20th 7:16 AM – 11:28 AM.

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