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Week of October 19th - 25th 


The Moon is gaining light and body, and many of us, especially those with a lot of water energy in our horoscopes, will feel more and more energized as we move through the week. The week is poor in astrological events and will allow us to focus on the matter in hands as the Moon starts off in Capricorn, the sign of business and practicality; conceive new ideas under the creative and non-conformist Aquarius Moon; meditate on our dreams and ideas while the Moon is in Pisces; and, finally, start acting and making important changes when the Aries Moon brings the energy of a quest and activity at the end of the week.

A lot of focus this week seems to be on communications with people, who are important in our lives: our spouses, lovers, close friends, and our professional and business contacts. There will be opportunity and courage for clearing the air, asking important questions, and clearly understanding the others’ opinions and views. There will be also a chance to be understood and honored and to rekindle the commitments in our relationships.

On October 24th, the Sun moves to the sign of Scorpio.


Moon in Capricorn: Monday October 19th – Tuesday October 20th 9:37 evening


Serious and ambitious Capricorn Moon may urge us to test our powers and get involved in power game and struggles. It should be possible to sort this out by connecting to our rational and analytical part of mind. If we don’t remind ourselves about our values, we may start acting on our desire to achieve by exercising power. If we are able to connect to our softer side and remind ourselves how we want to connect to others and what we expect from interactions, we may find ourselves empowered beyond our expectations.

We may find ourselves to be very practical and matter-of-factual on these days. Our relationships with children who strive for more freedom and responsibility or with other individuals who seek freedom and independence from us and for who we deeply care may become a topic of Tuesday night.


Moon in Aquarius: Tuesday October 20th late evening – Thursday October 22nd  


We will feel social and want to communicate our thoughts to other people. Interactions, especially with our significant others or close friends, will feel very important. This is a great time to have conversations about your marriage or love relationship, or any other relationship you feel committed to.

On Thursday, we may feel spontaneous and ready to break our promises, to break out of our commitments, and become truly free to ourselves. We have until the end of the day to make a decision. Tomorrow, we will not have strength or desire to act on these thoughts.


Moon in Pisces: Friday October 23rd – Saturday October 24th


It may be very difficult to wake up and get going on Friday. We may be not as efficient and awake as we normally are, but the day may still require the attention to details and to practical aspects of our lives. This will require more effort and discipline that usually. The day will be great for meditation and any healing to do or receive. Listening to your inner voice and connecting to the collective wisdom will help making practical decisions and initiate the useful actions on Friday and Saturday.

Saturday will not be a very productive day. If possible, spend it relaxing, meditating, binge-watching Netflix. It will be hard to do anything practical or to produce any tangible results. The advice is to wait until Sunday: it will bring more stamina, determination, physical energy, and clear thinking in everything we need to do this weekend.

On Saturday October 24th, the Sun moves to the sign of Scorpio at 1:47 PM EDT.


Moon in Aries: Sunday October 25th


The energetic Aries Moon makes us look for physical activities and challenges. We will feel aligned with our past experiences, clearly seeing our life purpose, and going freely and courageously on our quests. There will be a desire to be spontaneous and selfish, but at the same time we will be very receptive to others’ words and ideas and will see and honor our commitments to our partners and anyone we will interact with. If we are brave enough to ask important questions, we may receive direct and answers honoring our courage and our interests.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of October 19th – 25th):


Saturday October 24th 7:18 AM – Sunday October 25th 2:21 AM.

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