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Week of October 26th - November 1st


Ah, the Full Moon! If you happened to have a strong Moon influence in your birth horoscope, this may be the most intense time of your month. This is the time when something you started a couple of weeks ago with the New Moon in Libra comes into the light. The New Moon in Libra stressed the relationships focus, and by now you may be sure what you need to do about that issue that came up around the New Moon. You will not be changing your mind anymore: the persistent and somewhat stubborn Taurus Full Moon will give you a resolve and stability to execute your decisions and to follow through with your actions. In addition to the monthly cycle that started with the last New Moon, the Taurus Full Moon may also remind us about the events in the beginning of the November 2014, the last Full Moon in Taurus. We may also see the conclusion of something that started 19 years ago, the last time the Full Moon occurred in the same degree of the Zodiac. Although the longer cycles are the most pronounced with the degrees of eclipses and the events evoked in our lives by the eclipses, there is a definite taste of the last year and of the 19-years cycle in every New and Full Moon. After all, our lives, similar to astrological events, are all about cycles – old cycles closing, new cycles beginning, work in progress reaching its apogee point. It takes an effort to reflect about the cyclic changes in our lives and their connection to the Moon cycles, but understanding the dynamics of the events and changes is a great reward and a powerful planning tool.

Moon in Aries: Monday October 26th


Aries Moon will keep us energized and ready to charge ahead to combat any problems and obstacles on our way. This is a great astrological weather for new projects and new beginnings. Early morning should be especially electrified and full of unexpected events and reactions. Watch your words if you want to keep peace and harmony, and try not to react too strongly if you hear something unexpected or inappropriate: this is the effect of the Aries Moon conjoining the unpredictable and explosive Uranus. Even though we may feel restless and full of energy, accomplishing anything will be difficult on this day, and frustration and impatience may be the only result of a hectic and unsettling day. If you can, try to hit the gym and let off steam; exercise may be the only productive outcome of your efforts today!


Moon in Taurus: Tuesday October 27th – Wednesday October 28th


Full Moon will occur in Taurus on Tuesday October 27th at 8:03 AM EDT. It’s a good time to address our finances and to balance our bank accounts: we will be very practical and cold-headed with everything concerning money and our possessions. Anyone who had a relationship issue that came up about two weeks ago around the time of the New Moon in Libra should clearly see where they should go with the decision regarding the issues in hand. The Taurus Moon will help us following through with our plans. As always on Taurus Moon, bodily pleasures and indulgencies are high on our priorities list, and we will delight in gourmet food, bubble bath, massages, and other pleasures of life.

On Wednesday, we probably will be super-practical and super-focused on the material sides of our lives. We will have patience to go into every small detail, to uncover and accept the truth about a situation, and to charge ahead with any actions we decided to undertake. However, finish everything important in the morning and dedicate the rest of your day to planning the future actions: this is one of those days when nothing is accomplished.


Moon in Gemini: Thursday October 29th – Friday October 30th  


Moon in Gemini encourages us to work with information, whether it’s Internet surfing, or studying for the test, or chatting wit our pals about recent news and rumors. On Thursday, we may face a choice between randomly collecting information or getting the structured education that will expand our limits – what are we going to choose? Right now, it may not be the right time to make this decision, as we won’t clearly see the value of one versus the other. If the answer is needed right away, my advice is to meditate, to follow your dream, or to literally interpret your recent dreams in the search of answers.

Friday may be busy and hectic, with situations rapidly changing, people being too chatty, and decisions based on too many details to take in account. The evening will be absolutely perfect for attending a class or interacting with other people: pleasant conversations will flow effortlessly, and the mind will be sharp and alert.


Moon in Cancer: Saturday October 31st – Sunday November 1st


Cancer Moon will make sure that our weekend will be full of great foods, family interactions, and home activities. This is probably perfect with the colder weather finally arriving in many places. The cosmic energy is perfect for Halloween parties and trick-or-treating: the Moon is making an easy connection to the Sun in Scorpio, a sign of death and underworld, and to Neptune, the planet of mystification.

Sunday may bring unexpected drama and power play, and we all may be inclined to participate. The situation may rapidly escalate, but it may be resolved by the end of the day if practical approach is employed.




Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT/EST, week of October 26th – November 1st):


Monday October 26th 8:24 AM – Tuesday October 27th 2:07 AM;

Wednesday October 28th 11:20 AM – Thursday October 29th 2:24 AM;

Sunday November 1st 10:34 PM – end of day.


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