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The dark New Moon on Halloween signified the start of the beloved holiday season and the beginning of a new Lunar cycle. This is a time to start working on our goals for the month and for the year until the next New Moon in Scorpio. Even if we are unclear about our direction and unsure about expectations, it is time to begin the journey. The expectations and the degree of success will be clear by mid-November if this is a short-term project or by mid-May of the project is more long-term.

This will be astrologically quiet week, without much drama. The beginning of the week will be the most emotional, and the rest of the week will be quite happy and productive. The planets in the skies are evenly distributed between the four elements, so we should feel a good balance of energies in our earthly lives and affairs as well. With the Sun and Mercury in deep and silent Scorpio, the mood and focus should be more introspective and subdued. An easy connection between Jupiter in Libra, a sign of fairness and equality, and Saturn in Sagittarius, the sign of truth and beliefs, suggests that, for a couple of month, we all will be in a quest for fairness and truth, battling to set our beliefs in stone. This is a great time to build and structure anything material or immaterial or to explore our limits: we will get great help from Jupiter and Saturn in these tasks.


Moon in Scorpio: Monday October 31st all day – Tuesday November 1st morning


Even if the day starts slowly, it may develop into an action-packed time with a lot of inner strength and energy. The second part of the day will offer opportunities to be very assertive and extremely productive. Halloween is usually a fun time of dressing up and joking around, but the energy of the day may be too serious to have much fun.

On Tuesday morning, it will be wise to start the day later than usually: anything that we begin earlier in the morning will disappoint us. It will be important to keep the daily (weekly, monthly, yearly) rituals on this day, so, if there is a choice between something you are regularly doing and a new project, make sure to give plenty of time to the one that became your ritual.


Moon in Sagittarius: Tuesday November 1st late morning – Thursday November 3rd late evening


Late morning of Tuesday may bring a sudden change of energy: in minutes, we may go from an emotional dissatisfied mood to a happy and optimistic outlook at our lives. Start exploring your limits and take that dream of yours to a new height! It may be something you were dreaming in the past and lost your hope to ever achieving, but right now the dream may be within your reach. Try harder to make it come true in the next several weeks.

Wednesday will bring out the issues of relationships, illusions and reality, waking up from a dream and standing against the real situation despite our desire for freedom and exploration. This day brings an opportunity to improve our relationships and the way we feel about them and to establish new, better rules and regulations.

Thursday is one of those days when nothing goes right, and the whole day gets completely wasted. If you don’t want to experience disappointments, don’t plan anything important, just stay quiet and dedicate the day to finishing already started projects. Be wise and avoid close interactions: the energy may be explosive. The whole day may be not good for medical procedures, unless they don’t involve interventions and are intended to keep the things as they are.


Moon in Capricorn: Thursday November 3rd late night – Sunday November 6th early morning


The Capricorn Moon will make us serious and ambitious on Friday, and we may not be in a mood for interactions and unneeded contacts. Our thoughts and feeling are invested in making the right choices for the future and in getting closer to realizing a dream that we have been nourishing for a while and now are ready to confront and to execute. By the evening, we may lose our happy feeling and approach to relationships, and a power struggle may start developing. Think of past illusions and disappointments and practical plans for the future: these may suggest how to handle the psychological problems and power struggles.

Saturday is super-energetic and may be very productive. This is not a time for rest and relaxation: the energy is too serious and going too deep into the depths of our minds and our souls. The day may not be easy and relaxing, but it surely will be constructive and may bring a couple of breakthrough insights if some work is involved and some energy is invested.

Don’t hurry to start the day early on Sunday: we will be more satisfied with outcomes if things are developing slower and later.


Moon in Aquarius: Sunday November 6th later morning – end of day


The social Aquarius Moon may not be connecting us to other people on this day. We may seek virtual connections – on social media and through email. A direct contact may be uneasy. If planning to meet friends, do it later in the evening, after the regular dinnertime. The interactions in the evening will be very enjoyable and may connect us to some people, who may be helpful and ready to partner for a good cause.




Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT/EST, week of October 31st – November 6th):


Monday October 31st 10:43 PM – Tuesday November 1st 10:43 AM;

Thursday November 3rd 6:35 AM – 11:05 PM;

Sunday November 6th 4:56 AM – 8:55 AM.

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