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Week of October 3rd - 9th 


A fairly calm and astrologically peaceful time awaits us the next week. It’s still a New Moon in the beginning of the week turning into a thin crescent by mid-week. We are still developing the vision of the Lunar Month and are unclear about the outcomes and, therefore, not anxious or worried about our performance.

Mercury, the planet of thinking, speaking, and learning, is moving from high strung anxious Virgo, where he spent last ten weeks, into Libra, where it will find more peace and balance. We may be able to express what’s on our mind better and to have better discussions with our significant others. Sun, Jupiter, and mercury will be in Libra by the end of the week, and this will mean a focus on others and on the ways we relate to others. Relationships, marriage, and love come into a spot light, and we are ready to talk about them!


Moon in Scorpio: Monday October 3rd - Tuesday October 4th


The Moon is in a close contact with Venus, the planet of love and relationships, and they both are in Scorpio. This may feel intense, and Scorpio will force us to keep it all inside and to feel everything deeper and in a more dramatic way than usual. There may be deep processing of a relationship direction, of our plans for the future and our connection to the past. Despite the intensity and inability to express the deep feelings, the process will not be unproductive. We will move into the future with the idea of love and a dream that still may become true, with a feeling that we can think it into life.

Romantic encounters and hot dates may feel especially enchanting, passionate, dreamy, and mysterious.

Tuesday may feel less mysterious and intense. We may start focusing on the practical sides of our lives and to live in a real world. If you have debts and loans, it may time to check what is going on with the accounts and to do some analysis of the financial situation. It is also a good day to apply for loan.


Moon in Sagittarius: Wednesday October 5th – Friday October 7th afternoon


The Sagittarius Moon may make us crave for freedom and exploration, and we may feel that we do have an opportunity to break out of our routines. However, while testing our limits, we may find that we do have important responsibilities and have to abide by the rules. If you have a dream of expanding your freedoms, this may not be the day to succeed in breaking free.

Thursday may give more opportunities to express yourself and more choices in a relationship, but the reminders of the past and the anxiety about the future may prevent us from taking our chances. In the evening, the energy may become volatile and explosive. Watch out for unexpected, try to avoid a rebellious behavior, and don’t encourage it in others.

Friday is a great day to start conversations about a relationship, whether this is a love relationship or a business partnership. We will feel inspired and full of ideas about long overdue changes. As the Moon is growing in the sky and gains light and body, this is a great time to charge ahead with your new ideas: to write them down, to speak up about them, to develop a plan of growth and action.


Moon in Capricorn: Friday October 7th evening – Sunday October 9th


The Moon moves into Capricorn, and it is time for action. We will have a resolve, a cold mind, a plan, and several planets supporting our actions and changes that we want to bring to life. This is a time for taking responsibility, growing, and expressing ourselves as we build on our recent ideas.

Friday will not be relaxing by any means. We will feel energized, overwhelmed with work, but enthusiastic and ready to do the job.

After a busy and productive Friday, we may not have a relaxing Saturday either, but whatever we do will make us fell accomplished and empowered. The Capricorn moon weekend suggests a lot of work: whether you have to be at your job or have to do chores at home, there will be no resting and relaxing this weekend, so make your plans early and use the energy of the Universe productively.

If starting anything new, make sure you do it before Sunday afternoon to make it successful. Sunday afternoon and evening should be left for finished already started projects and strategic planning for the next week or more distant future.




Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of October 3rd - 9th):


Sunday October 9th 12:50 PM – end of day.

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