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The waning Moon in the last quarter of her monthly cycle does not call for new beginnings and activities. This week is best spent finishing and finalizing anything that has been started earlier. In addition to the subtle energy of the last quarter Moon, this week is unusually rich in those “void-of-course Moon” days when the position of the Moon precludes us from accomplishing anything we start and from producing the desired outcomes. Those, who read my column regularly, may have noticed that I always warn my readers about the days when it is not advisable to start anything new and important or to have medical procedures performed; there are usually a couple of these time periods every week, and they usually last a couple of hours. This week, there are three of such periods, and each lasts almost the whole day, which is unusual and does not happen too often. The week does not promise to be extremely productive, even though we will have a Virgo Moon for three days.

Mercury is still retrograde most of the week, until Friday October 9th, but slowing down to turn to its direct motion through the Zodiac signs in the sky (in the direction from Aries to Pisces). Even when it turns to its direct motion on Friday, we still should assume that it is not working properly for another week or so, until he returns to the place in the Zodiac where it started its retrograde motion backwards. Although the overall performance with words, documents, computers, and cars should be better, accidents still may happen, and we still need to pay extra attention to all things Mercurial.


Moon in Cancer: Monday October 5th

Starting the new workweek is not what we would prefer to do on this day: the Cancer Moon makes us seek comfort and seclusion, makes us super sensitive and unwilling to interact with strangers and those, who are not our immediate family and friends. On this day, Moon is not making many connections to other planets, so we may feel the need of seclusion even more intensely. In addition to this, Monday will not be a very productive or lucky day, and it is not recommended to start anything important or to expect any productive developments on this day. We may feel overwhelmed with emotions, and we may face a decision to let go of some business projects or plans. If you do face a difficult decision, let it go, even if this is your pet project: most probably, it is not compatible with your sense of security and comfort now and is bringing discord and discomfort onto your life.


Moon in Leo: Tuesday October 6th – Thursday October 8th early afternoon

With the Moon in Leo, we become more social, optimistic, and ready for fun adventures. On Tuesday morning, we may have to talk or write to other people trying to explore our limits, and a lot of passion may be invested in these interactions. Carefully check anything you are writing, saying, or signing: Mercury is still retrograde, and any careless words may backfire or lead to a confusion.

Wednesday is a great day to be spontaneous and playful, and to express yourself fully and without reservations. In the evening, we may find most fun in unexpected educational and intellectual pursuits, and the late night may be all about our relationships with another person: we may be looking for the meaning of our relationship, trying to reach harmony and understanding, and contemplating our future directions and our past lessons. Don’t make plans: they will not be carried out. Wednesday evening and most of Thursday are those unproductive days when nothing results in outcomes you desire. Gambling and taking risks may not prove wise on Thursday, no matter how tempted we may feel. Even if it seems that the goal is very close, it may escape at the very last minute, to our disappointment.


Moon in Virgo: Thursday October 8th late afternoon – Saturday October 10th

The Virgo Moon makes us attentive to details, collected, efficient, and productive. This time, the Moon contacts Venus, Mars, and Jupiter as soon as she enters the sign of Virgo, bringing optimism, satisfaction, and action to anything we decide to do under the Virgo Moon. It is a waning Moon in its last quarter, so the best way to use the energy of the productive Virgo Moon is to finish and to perfect something that has been already started, to bring it to a completion and to satisfying results. These couple of days will get very busy; prepare to be overwhelmed with activities and responsibilities. With the help of two most positive planets (Venus and Jupiter) and the planet of action and motivation (Mars), success and satisfaction are a given, and perfection is a must.

On Friday, focusing on the current chores and assignments may become difficult as the daydreaming interferes with our mood of productivity, but, with several planets working together with the Virgo Moon, it should be possible and not too difficult to overcome the dreamy spell. On this day, Mercury is turning to his usual direct motion, but give it several days to pick up the speed before your stop paying extra attention to your words, computers, and documents.

Saturday will be still all about being productive and perfecting the Universe. On this day, we may work alone a lot and not need others’ help or attention. We will be doing our very best to clean, organize, calculate, and perfect our environment, but moving things along may be super difficult, because Saturday will be one of those days when the efforts do not result in a change and don’t produce a desired outcome. We will try anyway.


Moon in Libra: Sunday October 11th

The balsamic Moon in Libra will be great for envisioning the future moves with the intention to bring more harmony and balance into our lives. We may be especially focused on trying to understand our soul path and our calling in life, as well as on analyzing our experiences and making conclusions about our past. On this day, it may be helpful to write our thoughts and plans down. It will be easy to fully commit to our plans. Our personal relationships may be in focus, especially the committed ones. Thinking about our loved ones, re-committing, and verbalizing our thoughts will come natural and effort-free.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of October 5th – 11th):


Monday October 5th 7:04 AM – Tuesday October 6th 4:30 AM;

Wednesday October 7th 5:10 PM – Thursday October 8th 3:50 PM;

Friday October 9th 6:12 PM – Sunday October 11th 4:45 AM.



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