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Week of September 14th – September 20th


The Moon is starting her monthly cycle, rapidly growing in the sky. With the Moon still trying to gain power and light, we may not feel too much emotional intensity, but the week will not be boring at all.

In the middle of this week, Saturn will finally leave the sign of Scorpio, signifying the end of the ~2.5 year influence. It will proceed into Sagittarius for the next couple of years. This starts a new cycle of expanding the limits and building up new philosophies and rules for ourselves. Most probably, this will be quite uncomfortable time for many of us, as we had to let go of things that we outlived, and we are now heading into trying to establish the new horizons and test our limits.

Another event worth mentioning is Mercury turning retrograde on September 17th for the next several weeks. There has been a lot of controversy regarding the significance of the retrograde motion, especially Mercury retrograde: some claim that this does not have any influence at all, while others believe it is underestimated. As any astrological event, retrograde motion of Mercury affects those, whose birth horoscopes it touches, and the rest of us may not notice any difference in their everyday lives.

I do recommend to backup your computers, not to have high expectations for travel schedules, and to pay extra attention to any documents and papers you sign or send. 

Moon in Libra: Monday September 14th – Wednesday September 16th morning


The Libra Moon brings a higher awareness of others: we want to interact more, we pay more attention to partnerships, and we want to reach out to others and give and get understanding and support. However, the attention to other’s needs and opinions may make us less decisive and making our conclusions and decisions based on what others think and need. We will be very perceptive of others’ thoughts and ideas, but we should not forget to pay attention to our own insights and not let others to control us. The issues of control, of voicing our own opinion, of spelling out our own vision will be the highlight of these two days.


Moon in Scorpio: Wednesday September 16th afternoon – Friday September 18th late night


Scorpio Moon wants us to hold on to our emotions and to never let go of disappointments and intensity. On Wednesday and Thursday, these feeling are magnified. We will be thinking of our ideals and dreams, and we will feel that we just can’t let them go, we will have to hold on to everything we imagined for ourselves, even if this holds us back from acting and from getting certain benefits in life. We may evaluate whether it is productive to feel this way: as the Moon moves to the last degrees of Scorpio trying to catch Saturn and to assert our limits and rules, Saturn will transition into Sagittarius, suggesting that the new horizons are opening, and the new rules and limits will be set.

On Thursday, Mercury will turn retrograde – don’t forget to backup your computers, double-check your emails and bills, send correspondence in advance, and delay scheduling your Thanksgiving trips until the last days of October.


Moon in Sagittarius: Friday September 18th late night – Sunday September 20th


As the Moon moves into Sagittarius, we will have a string desire to explore our limits and to expand them. We will feel that this would allow better expression of our choices and needs and would give us a better understanding of our future path. We may feel restricted and optimistic at the same time. While struggling with your unrealistic ideals and dreams, pay more attention to the details – this may show you the way to balance your vision of the big picture with the reality and to remain optimistic about reconciling them. On Sunday morning, sudden breakthroughs in the matters of relationships are possible, but we need to watch what we are saying – the retrograde Mercury may fog the meaning of our words. The success will depend on how prepared we are to discuss the issues and how clearly we can express our thoughts, which may be a challenge on this day. 


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, of September 14th – September 20th):


Wednesday September 16th 12:21 AM – 11:42 AM;


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