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Week of September 19th – 25th


The Moon is waning after an emotional and intense Full Moon and eclipse last week. However, the week will be full of changes in the sky. Sun will move into Libra, leaving nervous and obsessive perfectionist Virgo. We will work less, invest in our relationships and interactions more, and seeking harmony and peace rather than perfection and completion. The move of the Sun into Libra is the point of the autumn Equinox, and it is time to slow down and to transit into our fall mood and activities. Although the weather has been unusually warm and the trees unusually green, the beginning of the fall is in the air.

Now, only Mercury is still remaining in Virgo for a while, and there is no focus on the Virgo sign and strive for productivity and perfection. Mercury is turning direct on 22nd after three weeks of his retrograde motion. Delays and confusions will be over of you experienced any lately. Retrograde Mercury in Virgo behaved much better that retrograde Mercury in other signs, at least in my experience. I did have delays and had to repeat some things twice and more, but overall it was not anything devastating or unfixable. Virgo is Mercury’s home sign, and Mercury is happy there, even when retrograde.

Another biggie of this week is the move of Venus from her own sign 

of love and relationships Libra into Scorpio on September 23rd. Venus in Scorpio can be obsessive and secretive, and we all may feel more jealous and secretive in our interactions with others. However, the sign of Scorpio is also a sign of tenacity and loyalty, and, by exhibiting these qualities, we can bring a positive twist of Scorpio Venus into our relationships. 


Moon in Taurus: Monday September 19th – Tuesday September 20th  


The Taurus Moon may bring sweet (or even erotic) dreams the night and the early morning of Monday. As always with the Moon in Taurus, there is a focus on quality of everything we are consuming. These are great days for purchases, especially of anything that we can use to beautify ourselves.

As the day progresses, we may feel the need to reclaim our power through our words and communications. This will be easy to do on this day, and it will be sweet and polite, but very practical and to the point, and there will be no room for nonsense.

Both days will be very pleasant but very practical and productive. If there is anything you need to finish or accomplish this week, the beginning of the week is the best time. We will be very clear about everything we are doing, and we will be very determined and practical about our affairs.

Tuesday night is sweet and pleasant, optimistic and clear about intentions and choices.


Moon in Gemini: Wednesday September 21st – Thursday September 22nd  


The Gemini Moon will push us to be social and interactive and to have some fun and multiple activities on Wednesday. However, there will be a very strict limit on what we can do and what we can say. The load of responsibilities will be very real and very large. We will have to forget our dreams and wishes and follow through with the duties. The day and the evening will be quite intense and difficult.

If you were planning to act on your words or gain some visibility and appreciation for your actions and words, Thursday is the day to act. If you make an effort, you may get a lot of visibility and encouragement from others. However, a significant amount of energy should be invested to be in sync with others.

Thursday evening is a great time to have a chat with your love or with anyone actually especially if it is about your relationship!


Moon in Cancer: Friday September 23rd – Sunday September 25th early morning


The emotional insecure Cancer Moon will dig out the memories of the past. They may rush in in our dreams on Friday morning or we may receive a reminder from other channels. There is an opportunity for joy and optimism and for happiness in our relationships and interactions with others, but there is a danger that we may choose to cling to our past experiences and resist a new and happy events. Choose the happy road, and don’t hesitate to communicate your feelings and fears. If you make an effort to break the past patterns, you may find peace and joy.

Venus is moving into Scorpio on Friday. Be aware of possible jealousy and dark secrets.

Both Friday night and Saturday are great days for family activities. If you are planning to visit your family members, these are the days to do it. Saturday is a great day for conversations with your parents or other family members and for remembering old times with someone who knew you long before you became what you are now. Unexpected surprises may arise, but lean on your past memories and forgive and forget if anyone makes sudden and unpleasant move.

Although the Moon is still in Cancer on Sunday morning, the mood will be much easier and lighter, and we will not focus on past wounds or unpleasant experiences anymore.


Moon in Leo: Sunday September 25th late morning – end of day


Sunday may feel very romantic, but also optimistic and happy. Loyalties may be tested, but it will be easy to commit. There may be committing to a relationship, committing to starting a family, and all types of recommitting forever. “Forever” is the word when Venus is in Scorpio, and it can be either good or bad, but it seems to be on a lighter and brighter side on this September Sunday, when the Moon will make easy and promising connections to peaceful an balanced Sun in Libra, expanding relationships Jupiter in Libra, and optimistic ready-to-commit Saturn in Sagittarius.

As always, Moon in Leo is a great time to spend with little children and to be playful and creative. If there are kids in your life, dedicate this day to them!


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, September 19th – 25th):


Monday September 19th until 12:58 AM

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