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Week of September 21st – September 27th


The upcoming week promises to be intense and busy with astrological influences. First of all, this is the week of the Full Moon, which will occur on Sunday September 27thth at 10:50 PM EDT in the sign of Aries. The days around the Full Moon are usually emotional and intense. This time, the almost-full Moon approaching the fullness will be in Pisces, making us especially sensitive, emotional, and easily hurt. On the day of the Full Moon, just several hours before the exact moment of Full Moon, the Moon will move to Aries, making us impatient, restless, and even aggressive. In addition to this already uneasy energy surrounding the Full Moon, this is one of the super Moons – the Moon that is in its perigee at the closest distance from the Earth, appearing unusually large in the sky. As if all this was not enough, there is a total Lunar eclipse at the time of the Full Moon, and it will be visible in most of the populated world, with the exception of Australia and eastern Asia. We probably should prepare for emotional, intense, and impactful couple of days.

While the previous Lunar eclipse in April happened in Libra, stressed our relationships with other people, and suggested to ask how we are interacting with others and what we can offer to our partners, the upcoming eclipse in Aries suggests to look at ourselves, our own needs and desires, and at our own level of satisfaction in the relationship. As always, the eclipse may bring out something that we did not know about, did not notice, or did not pay attention to, and it will reset the clock, opening a new cycle for us to deal with the issue: to let it go and to start anew or to address it in a new way.

This is also a week of the Autumn Equinox and the transition of the Sun into Libra on September 23rd: the summer is over.

Mars will be transitioning from the sign of Leo into the sign of Virgo, indicating the shift of our focus and our motivation from the fun and romance to productive everyday routine. With the summer lingering outside our offices, we all may need that extra push to get down to the numbers and facts and to start paying more attention to our work and home chores.

With all the changes and shifts in the sky, we will definitely feel the changing energies and an extra push in several areas of our lives.


Moon in Sagittarius: Monday September 21st early morning


Those, who wake up and start their days early, and those, who live on the West Coast will start their day on the optimistic note. There may be a feeling of something changing or needing a change, a stronger than usual pull to expand our horizons and to break free, but these feelings will not be easily expressed and they will remain our secret until the future changes in our lives.

Moon in Capricorn: Monday September 21st morning – Wednesday September 23rd early afternoon


What a perfect energy for the start of the week! Capricorn Moon makes us collected, ambitious, efficient, and responsible. Performing in a way the Capricorn Moon demands may be difficult or uncomfortable on Monday, and we may struggle with suppressing our desire to express our thoughts, but it will definitely work well with our business and personal goals and plans. On Monday evening, any issues that arise in a conversation will be resolved with authority and power, whether we are on the authority side or the powerless side.

On Wednesday, our attention will be turned to analyzing details. We may get too involved in scrutiny, either by choice or by authority of others. The discussion of sensitive issues may continue, but they should remain professional and efficient.

On Wednesday morning, we may have to make adjustments and changes to please another person(s), and we should be able to do what is required in a decisive and cool manner.


Moon in Aquarius: Wednesday September 23rd afternoon – Friday September 25th early afternoon


Our thought and feeling may be turned from the matter in hand to the people involved. We may start considering their opinions and interests and our obligations. The Sun is moving into Libra early in the morning, signifying the end of the summer season and transition into fall. The Moon moves into another Air Sign – Aquarius just hours after the Sun, and they remain in perfect harmony, making us content and easily expressing our thoughts and choices. Wednesday should be a very harmonious and easy-going day. We may have a feeling that the season of fun and/or romance is over, and it is time to count our chickens and to move on to more serious and productive routines.

On Thursday, our focus and motivation shifts to practical matters, for most of us to our chores and assignments, and we may welcome this new energy that helps us to move the workload. The uneasy discussion involving unexpected words will be handled with grace and ease, and we will be able to see the other person’s point and agree with it. In the afternoon and evening, our thoughts may be about romance and love, but we will approach these thoughts in a detached analytical manner, probably saying “No, thank you, I have more important things to do these days”.


Moon in Pisces: Friday September 25th late afternoon – Sunday September 27th early afternoon


The Friday evening may be slow and sleepy. We may be torn apart between our desire to cuddle on a couch with a remote to watch an old movie and to be motivated and productive and to finish that chore or assignment. Give in and get some rest and quiet time – the energy of the approaching Full Super Pisces Moon and the total Lunar eclipse may be too much to handle if we push ourselves too much. Too tired and burned out? Get to your meditation on this evening: it will be especially insightful and helpful. In any case, this is not an evening to go out and be in a crowd.

It may be hard to wake up and get out of the bed on Saturday morning, but the sense of responsibility and the heightened need to be efficient and productive will help to start the day early. On these days, we may be extra-emotional and super-sensitive as the Pisces Moon moves closer to the Lunar eclipse. The feelings of ending, regret, and self-pity may be overwhelming.


Moon in Aries: Sunday September 27th afternoon – end of day.


If the sky is clear, come out in the evening and watch the Lunar eclipse! This time, it promises to be fantastic: not only it will conveniently develop between 8:11 PM and 1:22 AM EDT, reaching the maximum at the perfect time of 10:47 PM, but it will also happen with a Super Moon! Being in the sign of Aries, the eclipse points to something we need to learn and discover about ourselves, our own needs, and our own desires, as well as the ways for us to protect others and to give them a gift of ourselves. The nest six months until a new Lunar eclipse should be about ourselves and our needs.



Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of September 21st – September 27th):


Monday September 21st 4:59 AM – 8:32 AM;

Tuesday September 22nd  7:12 PM – Wednesday September 23rd 1:51 PM;

Friday September 25th 12:01 AM – 3:43 PM;

Saturday September 26th 12:32 PM – Sunday September 27th 3:28 PM.


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