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A calmer time may be welcome after the intensity of the last weeks, with eclipses, retrograde movement of Mercury, and several major changes in the sky. We have entered a new chapter of the year, with a lighter and brighter outlook at the remaining months. The moods are lighter and happier, and we may enjoy the rest of the year ad happier times ahead.

This week of balsamic Moon is a perfect time to recharge, regroup, and make plans for the future – a month ahead and a year ahead. The New Moon will occur in Libra, the sign of love, relationships, harmony, and balance. Make your plans and set your intentions for love and happy peaceful relationships, for any action plans to bring balance and harmony into your life. The Sabian Symbol (a unique message for each degree of the Zodiac) for the degree, in which the New Moon will occur, is “Three “Old Masters” Hanging On The Wall Of A Special Room In An Art Gallery”. I think it suggests that we may find harmony and balance (and may be a partner!) when enjoying the art and connecting to the beauty created for us by generations of artists. Libra is a sign of art and beauty, and it is very appropriate to turn our attention to any form of beauty and art while in the solar month of Libra that just started last week. This is also the month of spectacular displays of Nature’s. Enjoy the time of harmony and beauty!


Moon in Leo: Monday September 26th – Tuesday September 27th afternoon


The beginning of the week may turn out to be quite stressful. The Moon left all the easy connections to the friendly planets behind and is now stuck with the most difficult planets, Saturn, Mars, and Uranus, for the rest of her travel through the sign of Leo. Watch out for too much fire (emotional and real fire), outbursts, bad temper, aggressive drivers, and other expression of fiery unsettling energies of the three planets that Moon will meet during these two days. The connections of the Moon to the three planets will be easy and most probably will not result in any long-lasting negative consequences, but they will be explosive. To express the energy of the Fire dominating these two days, invest you passion in a project or workout and try to stay cool. To cool down, use water: swim, walk by a lake or a river, look at the pictures of the ocean, or take a bath. Water is an element the most unlike Fire (cold and wet vs dry and hot), and it can be consciously used to cool the Fire of these days.


Moon in Virgo: Tuesday September 27th evening – Thursday September 29th


If you have been thinking about organizing and cleaning any area of your life, your home, or your office, these couple of days will be a great time to charge ahead with your plans. We will have very clear mind and intentions, will be able to separate illusions from reality, and, most importantly, we will have energy to initiate the project and to take it to completion. The energy of Tuesday and Wednesday is very positive, practical, and persistent. Everyone, who uses these days wisely and with a plan in mind, will benefit tremendously from well calculated and practical steps, and the experience will be empowering.

Thursday, however, is a completely different kind of day. Don’t start anything on this day, but use it to finish whatever has been started earlier and to organize your thoughts. Virgo Moon is high strung and anxious, and it may be difficult to stay unoccupied, so plan ahead and have plenty of unfinished tasks to continue working and producing to answer a Virgo Moon’s calls.


Moon in Libra: Friday September 30th – Sunday October 2nd early afternoon


On the day of the New Moon in Libra, set your intentions for relationships. These do not have to be love relationships only: you may be setting the intentions for work partnerships or for your relationships with the others in general. Think big: Moon and Sun meet Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, in the sky.

Friday and Saturday may be great days to socialize, especially in formal settings: there will be no excessive fun, but everything will feel proper, balanced, and beautiful, there will be enough action to feel energized, and great long-lasting connections may be made during a formal dinner or benefit. If you did not get an invitation to a formal event, you can still utilize this evening to meet your partner or friend for a serious conversation that has to go deep: we will have enough self-control and consideration to handle any difficult matter.

Saturday may bring a power struggle and unexpected outbursts. Speak and act out of love and consideration for others, and you may be spared from unpleasant encounters.

The first half of Sunday will be unproductive; don’t plan much. This is the time to stay away from activities and may be even from the others. Seek inner balance and peace and don’t get engaged in any new projects or interactions: these should be delayed until the late afternoon.


Moon in Scorpio: Sunday October 2nd late afternoon – end of day


The Scorpio Moon may feel intense and emotional, but rather sweet than bitter. It may feel dreamy and teary, but it will have a good charge of a positive energy as well. If there is something you have been dreaming of and liking forever, there may be a chance to act on your wishes. Jealousy and possessiveness may be a problem on Sunday, and, if you experience these feelings, most probably they will not have any basis and will be a fruit of your imagination. It is time to let go of such feelings and to become more rational and independent.



Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, September 26th – October 2nd):   


Thursday September 29th 6:05 AM – Friday September 30th 3:52 AM

Sunday October 2nd 1:42 AM – 3:42 PM

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