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Week of September 28th – October 4th


After the astrologically intense previous week, the new week is amazingly quiet. As the dust settles, and the emotionally intense energy of the Full Moon and eclipse calms down in the beginning of the week, we are up for a pleasant run with the moon in Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer. It may be a good week to slow down and to indulge in luxuries and pleasures during the Taurus Moon in the middle of the week, to get out and interact with our neighbors and friends by the end of the week under social Gemini Moon, and to spend some time with our families or alone at home on Sunday under homey Cancer Moon. This feels like a very natural sequence of moods and events perfectly fitted for our week-long schedules that will allow us to organically enjoy the week.


Moon in Aries: Monday September 28th – Tuesday September 29th early afternoon


Inspired by the New Moon, Lunar eclipse and its new beginnings, and the upbeat energy of Aries Moon, we should start the workweek on a high note full of energy and plans. It is too easy to get angry or defensive under the Aries Moon; try to use the energy in a positive way motivating your actions rather than combatting any irritating situations.  On Monday, words may seem calculated and unfriendly, but at first assume that you misunderstood and ask for explanations. It could be too easy to blow up over something that is not what it seems. Evening may be hot and romantic, and we will not lack energy or determination to pursue the attraction. On Monday evening and Tuesday night, the emotions may be especially unexpected and uncontrollable. Tuesday may seem quite frustrating: although we have high energy and motivation, we will not achieve much. Instead of trying, failing, and being frustrated, try to escape to a gym and sweat that energy out – this will be as productive as you can get on this day.


Moon in Taurus: Tuesday September 29th late afternoon – Thursday October 1st early afternoon


After the fast explosive start of the week, the energies slow down and become more enjoyable and stable. We turn our attention to the practical matters and find satisfaction in being more focused, more cerebral, and more efficient. That desire for luxuries may be coming out again under the Taurus Moon, but this time, it is easy and natural for us to look into our wallet first and count our Georges, Abrahams, and Alexanders. This time, you may be very practical and very modest about indulging in something you don’t absolutely need, although it will still be a choice, and you may just go for it of you find more Ulysses and Benjamins in your wallet. In any case, this will a responsible decisions, and it will continue into Wednesday: your intuition for practical solution and your calculating mind will work together to keep you on track with your money and possessions. You will be proud and happy with all your practical decisions by Friday, although following through with them may require some effort.


Moon in Gemini: Thursday October 1st evening – Saturday October 3rd evening


Gemini Moon makes us social and chatty. It also brings interactions, busy schedules, and rumors into our lives. Everything we hear on these days will be evaluated against our values and limits, and a decision will be made whether to accept the new information and to push our limits and our horizons or to reject the change based on our strict and unchanging understanding of a matter. The decisions on whether to accept and adopt the news or to reject it righteously may be complicated by the unclear communication and incomplete information. Don’t hesitate to ask again and to check all the details over and over again before formulating your response. You may change your opinions and decisions if you make an effort to collect the full information.

On Friday, it may be difficult to make a judgment and to separate dreams and illusions from the reality and truth. Take time and make an effort to attend to details. Discuss with others. Look into your heart.

Saturday may bring conversations or thoughts about the future of partnerships. Work with information, not with emotions. Take pride in your values to create clarity for the future direction.


Moon in Cancer: Saturday October 3rd late evening – Sunday October 4th


Sunday morning may be uneasy, with a power struggle, pressure form an authority or a father figure, and our struggle for the emotional security. Avoid discussions: the words may be misunderstood and misconstrued. Hold on to your ideals and your motivations. Analyze the situation longer, and go with your intuition. Meditate if needed to make a decision, and listen to your feelings rather than your ego.



Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of September 28th – October 4th):


Tuesday September 29th 3:44 AM – 2:56 PM;

Thursday October 1st 6:43 AM – 4:03 PM.



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