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Week of September 5th - 11th


The upcoming week will bring many changes to our moods and our lives. The Moon is growing, preparing for the Lunar eclipse that will happen next week, on September 16th. A solar eclipse has happened already in September 1st, and, as always, we are experiencing changes in the energy of our lives and in our moods during the eclipse season. The changes may be immediate or delayed; we may just uncover some new information that may help us with our life direction, or the eclipse may completely change this direction; we may be affected profoundly by the eclipse season, or we may barely notice it. The effects are dependent on our birth horoscopes. For those of us, who will feel the effect, this series of eclipses bring a clear vision of a situation and a mechanism to cope with the reality.

This week, Neptune and Saturn will give us the last chance to make an effort and to separate the reality from our dreams and illusions. This is our last opportunity to accept the real situation and start working with it, and the eclipses suggest that most of us will do just that. In any case, the dilemma will be resolved within days, and we will move on either approaching the reality with clarity and resolve, or we will choose to remain in our dreams rejecting the truth.

The biggest news of the upcoming week is the move of Jupiter from Virgo to Libra on Friday September 9th. Jupiter stays in each sign for about a year, and his position determines what grows in our lives and in our society, where we spend our energy to expand. Again, the area of growth will depend on the birth horoscope, but we all will feel a big change in our lives. For about a year, we had to pay attention to many details, work hard, and be very meticulous in one area of our lives. It all changes on Friday: we will feel easier energy, better mood, lighter load, and easier communications, and all this will last for a year! Jupiter in Libra will also focus our attention on relationships and anything beautiful and will make us grow our connections with others, pay attention to fine arts, home decoration, and fashion. Jupiter was quite miserable in Virgo, and he will reward our hard work with beauty and happiness now.

Moon in Scorpio: Monday September 5th morning – Wednesday September 7th evening


Moon in Scorpio is an intense and emotional Moon. On Monday, this is also a lonely Moon that does not want to interact with others and wants to dwell on her dreams and past illusions and deceptions. Hopefully, you had your barbecue on Saturday or Sunday and decided to spend Monday resting and doing your own things. The most entertainment we will be able to tolerate without feeling violated is a movie or a concert, something that does not push us to talk to others.

Although the past is still in our thoughts on Tuesday, we will be shifting our energy to the future endeavors and our choices about the direction we are going in. We will be very practical and analytical about the future, but, to actually succeed with our plans, we need to establish a routine and follow it religiously. This choice is an option on Tuesday, whether you are planning a healthier life style or a whole new way to express yourself, so, make a resolution that you may be able to follow for months to come

Revisiting something painful on Wednesday may give you a chance to really understand it and to examine it thoroughly. A new piece of information may surface, and you may get a chance to finally figure out a reason behind a painful experience. Although unpleasant, this process may be healing and just what we need right now to move on. Finish your chores and projects on time and go to sleep early or just relax with a movie or a book in the evening, don’t plan much for the later evening: work or project may remain unfinished forever.



Moon in Sagittarius: Wednesday September 7th late evening – Saturday September 10th early morning


The optimistic Sagittarius Moon instructed by Jupiter makes an easy connection to changing Jupiter, who is traveling through the last seconds of Virgo. This is a good omen for the upcoming year of Jupiter in Libra: we will have many exciting opportunities, and we will have an easy and fast luck with our projects associated with anything that has connection to the sign of Libra (relationships, business partnerships, art projects, etc.) or to the areas of life associated with Libra in our birth horoscopes. For me, these are my career and friends, and I am very excited about this big change in the sky, Jupiter changing the sign. With this configuration in the sky, we may feel the shift of energy on Friday immediately: we may wake up happier and more optimistic than we went to bed n Thursday.

However, on Thursday, we may face a tough choice between our reality or our dreams and illusions, between the past and the future, between being a part of something bigger than us or our individuality. Be unique, choose your individual point of view: this will take you into the future. However, a hard work has been done while deciding where to go. Try to look at a big picture and follow your passions and your beliefs. Thursday may be a very difficult day, tiring, full of pressure and frustration. Just get through the day in anticipation of better times to come tomorrow!


Moon in Capricorn: Saturday September 10th 8:54 morning – Sunday September 11th


With both Venus and Jupiter in Libra now, we will start feeling interactive, concerned about each other, and more into good times and fun then we felt for months! Jupiter magnifies everything he touches, and in Libra he is touching Venus, with her indulgence and love for pleasures and beauty. This is a perfect time for artists to express themselves, ad for the rest of us to find appreciation for art and beauty.

Rejoice, workaholics! You have a whole weekend of Moon in Capricorn! Many of us will find pleasure in hard work over the weekend; some will have to work despite their wishes. For some of us, the work demands will come as a surprise and will completely mess up our plans for the days off. This weekend is not a time to party or indulge in any pleasant activities, it’s a weekend of labor and duty, whether you are doing your professional work or a project in your backyard. In addition, Mercury is still retrograde, so we may have to redo something that went wrong or do some tasks twice or more. It is easy to blow up and to be upset, but remember your responsibilities, keep calm, and exercise persistence.

Sunday is our last day to work on resolving a conflict between the reality and our illusions and dreams. This may require a very hard work, a very practical approach, and a resolution to put our interests and our needs before anything else. It may also require a search for information and revisiting old situations and decisions. If you receive a communication about the past situation, trust it and use it to move on with a realistic assessment of the problem.



Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of September 5th  – 11th):


Monday September 5th until 8:38 AM

Wednesday September 7th 8:42 PM – 9:19 PM

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