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Week of September 7th – 13th


On September 13th, we will experience a partial Solar eclipse. The eclipse will happen in the 20 degree of Virgo and will be seen in southern parts of Africa, the Indian Ocean, and Antarctica. Depending on our location and on our birth horoscope, we may experience eclipses very strongly or not notice them at all. For those, who live outside the parts of the world where the eclipse can be observed, it will affect you if one of the planets or an important horoscope point is very close to the degree of the eclipse in your birth horoscope.

The influence of an eclipse is thought to last until the next eclipse. Thus, the upcoming Solar eclipse resets the effects of the previous Solar eclipse on March 20th 2015. The one in March happened in the last degree of the last sign of the 

Zodiac (Pisces), suggesting endings and closures. Although the September eclipse opens a new cycle and creates new influences in our lives, the feeling of endings is very prominent in our lives these days with Saturn leaving the sign of Scorpio (the sign of endings and transformations) and lingering in its last degree until September 19th. Think of the last month of your life and count people who left their jobs, careers, started the new cycle of their lives, or left this world; the list may be longer than usual. The time of the endings and letting go of old paths ends in mid September with the Solar eclipse and the transition of Saturn into the new Zodiac sign.

Solar eclipses are thought to bring out something hidden, unclear, undefined in our lives and make it known and clear. With the two eclipses in Pisces and Virgo, think of how you need to change your life to balance the big vision with attention to details, charitable work with everyday routine, meditation and dreams with the intellectual awareness, your own health with sacrifices for others. With the eclipse, see clearly what you need to change, end outlived patterns, and start anew.


Moon in Cancer: Monday September 7th – Tuesday September 8th evening


Cancer Moon usually makes us a bot more sensitive, emotional, and teary than we normally are. On Monday, we may become too emotional about something that only exists in our imagination. We may also have trouble communicating our emotions to others and expressing our concerns or ideas. Speak from your heart to be understood. On Monday evening, try to avoid power struggles and confrontations – they mat escalate into heated fights.

On Tuesday, we may feel like the ground is pulled from under our feet, and the old and well-built structures of our lives are crumbling uncontrollably. Look back and use your past experience to see what can be responsibly changed to proceed on your path to a more balanced and peaceful life and have patience to wait until the late evening when the Moon will transition into the playful and happy sign of Leo.


Moon in Leo: Tuesday September 8th late night – Friday September 11th early morning


After the Moon moves into the playful sign of Leo, the feeling of duty and responsibility may still linger in our heads for a while. However, as the Moon joins Venus and Mars in the romantic Leo by the Wednesday noon, all our thoughts will be about romance, love, and partnership. These thoughts will be exciting, electric, and out of control. Although Wednesday is not a traditional date night, plan a date if you can: you will not be disappointed. There will be instant attraction, playful mood, pleasant fun conversations, and may be even sudden surprises. This planetary influence will continue into Thursday; Thursday evening will be as romantic and fun as the Wednesday night.


Moon in Virgo: Friday September 11th late morning – Sunday September 13th evening


On Friday morning, take it easy and catch the last minutes of the Moon in lazy playful Leo: starting early on this day will not take you far.

However, later in the morning, it is time to shake off the dreams and get busy: this will be a positive but busy day with plenty of work to do. Count all the tasks you need to finish to be on top of the many details that need clarification. Don’t rely on your big vision of the whole picture – attend to details and work diligently.

Saturday and Sunday will not feel like weekend days either: whether we work on Saturday or do your house chores, we will have no time to daydream. Organizing our homes or your businesses and transforming our space and your lives to our liking will be high on our priority lists, and any effort in this direction will feel satisfying.

Sunday is the day of the Solar eclipse and the New Moon (2:42 AM EDT): notice whether you will learn or understand something that was hidden from your eyes on this day. Meditate and organize your thoughts for the upcoming new Lunar cycle, for the yearly Virgo Moon cycle, and for the Solar eclipse cycle (the next Solar eclipse will occur in March 2016). What do you want to accomplish in a month, in six months, and in a year? Now is the time to set our intentions related to our health, daily routines, service, and productivity.


Moon in Libra: Sunday September 13th late night


If your day ends late, you may be able to catch a moment of balance and peace in the late evening when the Moon moves from busy and productive Virgo into cool and harmonious Libra.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of September 7th – September 13th):


Tuesday September 8th 9:27 PM – 10:35 PM;

Friday September 11th 9:03 AM – 9:55 AM;

Sunday September 13th 10:07 PM – 10:40 PM.


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