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Uranus in a horoscope


Uranus is the first planet of our Solar system that cannot be seen without a telescope. Sometimes Uranus is positioned close enough to be seen with a naked eye in areas that are not polluted with city lights, but most of the time it can’t be seen without a proper instrumentation. Thus, this is the first planet of the Solar system that is beyond our personal field of vision, and this is the first one of outer planets or, in modern astrology, transpersonal planets. The three planets that are beyond our reach of vision, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto (that has been re-classified into a dwarf planet), are thought to deal with generational issues and long-term changes rather than personal affairs. However, anyone, who had a significant transit of either of the three planets that touched the angles of her chart or a personal planet in her birth horoscope, knows that the influence of these three planets on our individual lives is profound and transforming.

The key word for Uranus is “break-“: breakthrough, breakdown, break-up, groundbreaking… Uranus brings the energy of unexpected, unpredictable, and unimaginable in the areas of our lives it touches in our horoscope. Uranus position in the natal horoscope indicates where we will experience the most breakpoints, the most changes, the most unusual and individualistic points of view, the strangest experiences, and the most non-conforming positions breaking any established rules and views. People with Uranus on Ascendant or in the first house of our body may have a strange look, something unusual and alien-like about them, or they may have an unorthodox sense of fashion. If the planet is in the house of career, the native may experience many changes in their job history or may hold a very unusual job and follow a very unpredictable and strange career path. If it is in the house of partnerships, prepare for unconditional relationships, sudden breakups and “hookups”, or for a very unusually looking or acting partners: in any case, the partnerships will never be boring. Uranus in the house of travel may send us to the parts of the world we never planned to visit or to live in. With any placement, this is a planet that makes us behave in a most individualistic ways and to forgo any traditional views and norms. Uranus in a birth horoscope brings a breath of a fresh air, changes, and breakthroughs that take us to whole new levels throughout our whole lives.

Uranus is thought by the modern astrologers to rule the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius natives’ non-conforming nature, progressive and groundbreaking views and ideas, their creative potential and innovative ways to see the old things all resonate with the energy of Uranus. Uranus is a very cold, icy planet, both in the real Solar system and in astrological interpretations. The coldness and aloofness are the traits Uranus brings to anything it touches, and these traits are reminiscent of people with a strong Aquarius influence. Modern astrologers associate the energy of Uranus with aliens and UFOs, the Internet and devices that access the Internet, with social media, inventions, and revolutions of any kinds. It’s the energy of a cold unexpected explosion that brings out something very new, very innovative, and touches everyone in the world at an intellectual, non-emotional level.

The orbital period of Uranus is 84 years, and its movement through the Zodiac signs is slow. When it touches an angle or a planet in our birth horoscope, the transit lasts for a long time, from months to years. Uranus can stay in a particular house of the birth horoscope for several years, bringing sudden changes, unexpected deviations from original plans, people of the house coming and going away without a warning, disruptions, but also important life-changing breakthroughs and mini-revolutions. If Uranus is stuck in your natal house of career, you may experience multiple unexpected job changes or one very significant and very unusual breakthrough in your career. Watch out if it is going through your house of partnerships: sudden changes in your relationships or in your partner are in store. In a house of children it may bring unexpected and disruptive behavior or events from your children, in a house of travel and far away land it may bring a lot of moving around, in a house of real estate it may bring a sudden move or unexpected change in a home situation. The changes brought about by Uranus transit may be very cold and ruthless, there may be no options on a plate, and your opinion may not be needed. The worst about the changes that Uranus brings is the fact that we really cannot predict what a change will be and what will bring it about. Even of you see a significant transit of Uranus and know that the change is imminent, you may be unable to figure out what to expect, when to expect it, and what could be done to prevent the sudden change. Uranus-induced changes come at you when you least expect them from a direction you are least worried about. Uranus is the agent of unknown, unpredictable, and overlooked. However, the changes don’t have to be strictly negative: Uranus may signify a sudden breakthrough that you did not expect and that has been sent to you by the Universe without a warning. In any case, the changes are revolutionary and life changing, whether they are heartbreaking or groundbreaking.

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