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WEEK OF APRIL 10th – 16th


The week starts with four major planets in their retrograde motion: Venus, Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter. All of them except Mercury participate in major current astrological configurations that determine our activities now, and this is why most of us acutely feel the influence of these planets. Venus will turn direct in the sky on Saturday April 15th, and she will be in her best place in the Zodiac at that moment. The contact between Venus and Saturn at the time of her changing the direction in the Zodiac screams action and commitment. The day of April 15th is a fantastic time to commit to a relationship, to propose, to open up about our feelings, or to get married.

However, earlier in the week, the Full Moon of Tuesday will illuminate the relationship issues in the sign of Libra. This Full Moon makes a contact with Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto, stressing already existing astrological configuration of tension and stress. This will be a make-it or break-it week, when many couples and partners will face a decision and will make their choice between freedom and commitment.


Moon in Libra: Monday April 10th – Tuesday April 11th early evening


The Full Moon is intense, but not in an emotional way. In fact, this Full Moon is anything but emotional, and the tension and stress arise from the desire to act, to change the status quo and rebel against the current situation, and from a desire to show our power and resolve. With several retrograde planets, we are in a position to reconsider our commitments and past decisions and to change the focus of our life and attention. Things may be moving slow, and we may be not ready to make a big move, but the Full Moon may bring some clarity into the current situation and suggest some possible actions. Even if we are not showing any torment and work of brain, we are busy analyzing and making our decisions.


Moon in Scorpio: Tuesday April 11th evening – Thursday April 13th


The Scorpio Moon highlights retrograde Mercury. Even if the retrograde Mercury does not affect your horoscope and your life significantly this time, on Tuesday you may feel its trickstery and deceit. Mercury is in the Earth sign of Taurus, and it will affect material object or money-related news and transactions: watch out for misfiring devices and mistakes on your bank account or tax return! Diligence and patience will save the moment: check and double-check your equipment and financial transactions.

It may be difficult to wake up in the morning of Wednesday, or we may be consumed by our dreams and fantasies for a good chunk of the day. It may be easy to overlook important details when dealing with finances – watch out for the Mercury effect! A great activity for the Wednesday night is a movie, a concert, or just an early bedtime.

Thursday may bring up a conflict that is difficult to resolve in a constructive way. Exercise your power, or you may be overpowered in the morning. However, in the afternoon, there will be a chance to sole the problem amicably without damaging the relationships with anyone involved. As we move into the evening of Thursday, amicable resolution becomes the only viable option. Change your behavior and plan depending on the timing of the conflict resolution.


Moon in Sagittarius: Friday April 14th – Sunday April 16th early evening


The happy and optimistic Sagittarius Moon helps us to connect to others and to make the interactions pleasant if not productive. As we move into the evening, the others may not play as important role as we expected, and we may find ourselves alone and happy about this. Don’t stress is the evening does not go as planned, get some rest alone with a book or a movie.

Venus stops in the sky preparing to go in a direct motion through the Zodiac… This is a moment of clarity and hope in a relationship, the moment to act and to get rewards for being able to wait and stick around. Action and commitment are the words of the day: we will see couple committing and changing their life choices.

Sunday is spontaneous, energetic, and action-packed. We will be connecting to many people, expanding our limits, and making decisions and choices that feel right even if unexpected and impulsive.


Moon in Capricorn: Sunday April 16th late evening – end of day


As we finish the weekend ready for a new week, we will feel energized and ready to charge ahead on Monday. The review of the weekend will make us satisfied and happy with the last couple of days, and we will be ready to battle the new yet undefined challenges ahead.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of April 10th – 16th):


Friday April 14th 12:17 AM – 6:26 AM

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