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Balance of elements in your horoscope



Elements represent the four states of the matter: solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. They also represent the vital forces in the Universe and the four distinct energies operating in our lives and in the Universe. To survive, we need to have access to all four: the air to breathe, the water to drink, the earth to produce food, and the fire (Sun energy) to be warm.


Four elements are represented in the horoscope by all twelve signs, three signs per element:


Fire signs – Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius;

Earth signs – Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn;

Air signs – Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius;

Water signs – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.


The Fire signs are motivated, creative and inspired. They are enthusiastic, impatient and direct. They are not very considering of others and mostly focused on their own needs. The three Fire signs express their personalities in a different ways:


Aries can be compared to a wild forest fire, difficult to restrict or extinguish, consuming everything on its’ way.

Leo resembles the fireplace fire – contained, constant, and warm.

Sagittarius is like a gentle flickering fire that is almost going out and then coming back with the new force, only to almost die again in a second.


The Earth signs are practical and what we call “down to Earth”. They live in the real world and are in touch with their senses. The earth signs usually know how to survive in the real world and trust their practical mind. They can persist and endure, they are cautious and may be preoccupied with their security.


Just like in Fire signs, the Earth signs express the earth energy in different manner:

Taurus energy is like a rock – unmoving and constant, never changing its form or breaking, unless the pressure is too high.

Virgo energy is like a sand dune that can roll and change its form, never achieving a perfect constant appearance.

Capricorn energy is the mudslide – always moving fast and re-structuring and remodeling everything on its way.


The Air signs represent the intellect and the thought. They are somewhat detached and “living in their own heads”, thinking into the life the reality of the future. They are theoretical and conceptual. They can entertain the other peoples’ thoughts without sharing the opinions, in a detached manner. They are very social, probably because they can detach and not get too involved with negativity and, therefore, to enjoy all kinds of contacts.


Gemini is like a light breeze – constantly moving and changing, enjoyable and inconsistent.

Libra resembles the high wind – moving fast and changing everything on its way.

Aquarius is like the air that does not move – it is the air in your home or the air on a quiet day when there is not movement in the trees.


Finally, the Water signs represent our feelings and our intuition. They are in touch with their own feelings and are perceptive to others’ moods and emotions. They are sensitive and dramatic.

Cancer is like a river – moving and dragging the stones.

Scorpio is a swamp, deceptive and calm on the surface but deep and dangerous if you step in.

Pisces are the ever changing and ever moving ocean, endless and formless.


Elements are the basis for compatibility between two people (although for the thorough and precise analysis, two full charts are needed). For example, Fire signs are compatible with the Air signs (the Fire warms the Air, and the Air feeds the Fire), but not as compatible with the Water elements (the Water extinguishes the Fire, and the Fire evaporates the Water). Usually these comparisons are made between the Sun signs, because the Sun represents our personality and life force. However, such analyses are very superficial, as more than the Sun sign determine the personality and the compatibility.


Each of the planets in your horoscope will be in one of the 12 signs. You are lucky if the signs are well balanced, and your horoscope has planets in every element. This means that you have all four energies balanced and operating in a balanced manner in your life and in your personality. You are practical and in touch with your senses thanks to your planets in the Earth signs, you have a good intellect and social skills due to your planets in the Air signs, you are in touch with your emotions and have a great intuition because you have planets in the Water signs. Finally, you are creative and self-motivated – your Fire signs planets are helping you! This is an ideal situation.


In the real life, very often there is a lack or over-emphasis of one or more elements: e.g., 7 out of 9 planets may be in the Air signs, with the remaining two in the Fire and Earth signs (over-emphasis of Air with the lack of Water energy). Another example of an actual client’s horoscope is the one with three planets in each of the Earth, Water, and Air elements, but none in the Fire signs.


With one or two elements missing from a horoscope, the energy of the missing element may be insufficient: if the Water element is missing, the person may be unable to connect to their feelings and may be ignorant about others’ emotions; if the Fire element is missing, the person may lack motivation and creative energy; in the case of a lack of the Earth elements, the person may be impractical and may have difficulties fitting in the real situations; if the Air element is lacking, a person may be unable to communicate effectively or accept new ideas. The over-emphasis of any of the elements creates opposite situations: the energies of the over-represented sign are over-emphasized and over-working, resulting in imbalance.


What can we do if our charts are not well balanced?


First of all, knowing this fact will help us to keep an eye on a problem. For example, if you know that you don’t have Water element in your horoscope, you may start paying more attention to what you feel and what others feel and try to compensate for the deficiency using other available to you means, e.g., communication, analysis, etc. if you have a lot of Air energy. Awareness alone may be extremely beneficial in achieving a better balance.


Another way to support the balance is introducing the element into your life from outside. For example, if you lack Fire signs, you may want to spend time at a fireplace, on the sun, set a bonfire, keep a NASA image of the Sun on your desktop, choose exercise that increases your body heat. If you have no Water signs in your chart, you may want to swim instead of choosing the aerobics class, spend your vacation at the ocean, buy a fish tank, have a photograph of a river or a lake over your desk. Missing the earth signs? Get a hot stone massage, keep a stone in your pocket and on your desk, spend you summer vacation in the mountains, or make a sand castle. No Air? Focus on breathing exercise, install an air purifier and a ceiling fan, fly instead of driving, spend more time outside “on the air”.


How to find out whether your horoscope is element-balanced? You need to find the signs for each of your planets at the moment of your birth (while the exact time may be crucial of a Planet is close to the border of two signs, the location is not important in this case). There are many free sources of natal horoscopes online, but not all of them spell out the sign for each planet. If you don’t know the astrological glyphs and need all the signs to be spelled out in plain English, may help – when you enter your birth information in the form, you will receive, among other information, a list of planets and their signs.



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