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Week of July 4th – 10th 


Mars, the planet of anger and war, is standing still in the same degree of the Zodiac after finishing his retrograde motion last week. The time when the planet slows down and freezes before starting its direct motion in the Zodiac is the time when it is the strongest and the most visible in the sky and in our lives. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the strong Mars expressed itself in the world, and we witnessed several terrorist attacks in the last couple of weeks, culminating in three in the row last week. The exuberant Martian energy will start subsiding as the week progresses, the planet starts moving faster in the Zodiac, and will leave the degree of its station in the beginning of the next week. We all will relax more and more and feel less stressed, less restless, less aggressive, and less angry. Many affairs that were stalled for the last couple of months will start moving forward to resolutions, whether to our satisfaction or to our chagrin.

As our lives start gaining some speed and motivation, this week will be a perfect time to set our resolutions under the New Moon early in the morning on July 4th. The New Moon in Cancer stresses family matters, anything related to our place of birth or our history, our genetics, and the way we care for others and ourselves. This is a great time to set our intentions for gaining the emotional security and to protect ourselves from anything that disturbs our peace and feeling of security. We are starting a new yearly cycle in Cancer, and it will be appropriate to meditate and set the intentions related to the sign of Cancer for the Lunar month and for a year ahead.


Moon in Cancer: Monday July 4th – Tuesday July 5th morning


Moon in Cancer will make us reconnect with our roots and spend time with our family. The Independence Day is a day when families and friends gather and celebrate together, the day when many people travel to reunite with their families in their hometowns. Under a Cancer Moon, the connections will be true and delightful.

Monday will be an easy-going pleasant day, when conversations and interactions will bring fun and delight to everyone involved. Most of us will have a good mood and a feeling of optimism about the present and the future.

The workweek starts on Tuesday, and we may be eager to get back to our new work projects as many of us come back to work from a vacation. However, it would be wise to dedicate the morning to unfinished projects or just delay returning to work all together. The morning will not be productive, and we may be more successful in the afternoon with anything we are trying to achieve. There may be a couple of unpleasant surprises on this day, coming from authority figures or related to our duties and responsibilities.


Moon in Leo: Tuesday July 5th afternoon – Thursday July 7th afternoon


Leo Moon is a creative time, and this time it is best spent working alone on a creative project. On Tuesday in the afternoon, we may not be feeling very social and may prefer to stay alone or may have difficulties connecting to others. Creative projects related to building, working with stone, or creating any structures, whether material or electronic, will be enjoyable and successful. Working with older teammates or with someone more experienced will be rewarding.

On Wednesday, creativity and a fresh look will help adjusting and transforming the old dream. The evening may bring unexpected developments, tension, and frustration or even anger. Releasing control and surrendering to the circumstances may help dealing with sudden developments. The tension may continue into Thursday morning, and a definite action may be needed to correct the situation and to cool the heat. Don’t have high expectations for Thursday: this day will be unproductive and frustrating for anyone, who will try to push through and go ahead with their plans. The best way to spend this day is to go with the flow and to relax when facing the obstacles. If you have little kids in your life and have a luxury of free time, spend your day with children and be creative and child-like. The evening will be better for chores and work.


Moon in Virgo: Thursday July 7th evening – Saturday July 9th


The Virgo Moon will help us to finish anything urgent and important at work and to start the weekend productively. On Thursday and Friday, we may be able to accomplish a lot and to see the pieces of our puzzles to come together to reveal the big picture. We may be analyzing the results of our efforts over an extended period of time and evaluating whether the outcomes look like our initial dream. There is an opportunity to make a change to the plans to align our life with our dreams, but we will need to dig for information and unearth our true feelings to make the adjustment efficiently. Now is the time to examine our dreams and ideals and to build a structure to our life to reach the dreams.

We can make plans for a busy Saturday, but do not overschedule and plan to start everything in the morning, because anything started in the afternoon may not succeed. In the afternoon, work on anything you started before noon, and plan some time for rest and relaxation.


Moon in Libra: Sunday July 10th


The growing Libra Moon will look for harmony and balance. While Libra Moon is often stressing relationships and interactions with others, this time we may need solitude to find our balance. Seeing clearly the past wounds and disappointments and deciding to move on forward to seek the balance in our lives will be the theme of the day.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of July 4th – 10th):


Tuesday July 5th 2:29 AM – 12:28 PM;

Thursday July 7th 8:06 AM – 6:40 PM;

Saturday July 9th 11:27 PM – Sunday July 10th 4:32 AM.

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